How to analyse binary options?

Researching binary options may seem complicated, but anyone can do it if they want to. There are two types of analysis that should be used before signing a contract. Fundamental research refers to the general market situation and direction of movement. Chart analysis, on the other hand, focuses on volatility and decides if an option is worth buying.

Binary options information
Binary options information

Fundamental analysis

Many traders consider economic analytics to be the primary tool for measuring risk when investing. It requires the use of a range of macroeconomic indicators, news from world stock markets and political news. Such research can be used to make long-term forecasts without the use of additional tools. When an option expires in a month or more, it allows you to make successful trades. Basic analysis allows you to study the market in a much deeper way, looking at it from an expert's point of view. Many traders prefer to combine these two analyses as they believe they can obtain more accurate forecasts.

The best way to trade binary options is to analyse them in both the long and short term. The more complete the analysis, the better the chances of making the right choice.

On the platform, you can use this kind of analysis in the form of an economic calendar. Traders around the world wait for economic news to make decisions about buying or selling their assets. For example, a large increase in the GDP of a country will tell you that the economy is growing and that country's currency will be in high demand (after the GDP report is released to investors).

Technical analysis

Technical studies can be of different types, and each has its own application. Some traders focus more on price volatility, others on market movements. Some dealers use specific indicators, others use a combination of indicators or simply charts. The first stage to success in online trading is to learn the different types of technical analysis and practise them.

Technical analysis for binary options is the realm of charts and indicators.Examination of charts reveals graphical patterns. With their help, it is possible to predict upcoming market developments. Such a forecast has a high level of accuracy. Technical analysis does not require from a trader such serious macroeconomic knowledge, as economic analysis. The chart is the main trader's tool which contains all the necessary data for the analysis. The candlestick chart is the most popular, as it is visually clearer and contains much information.

Popular indicators for chart analysis
Popular indicators for chart analysis

Indicators can complete the picture and give a more accurate analysis. Comparing the set of charts and indicators available on the platform with the current market situation gives an idea of where the market is heading. The advantages of technical analysis are easy to learn, and it can make prompt and correct decisions in most cases.

Time frames in binary options

The choice of timeframe is of particular importance as it directly affects the quality and type of analysis. So it is important to know on which timeframes it is best to trade binary options.  First of all, the time frame you select depends on the expiry time. To trade on, say, 1 hour, it is meaningless to analyse the one-minute or daily charts.  If you're going to trade short term options, then of course you have to put in the minimum time frames.

You can buy binary options with different expiry periods, from a minute to a month or even longer. The expiry time is decided before you buy the option.

Intraday and turbo options are the most popular.

Short-term traders rely on technical analysis, as it is more related to their success than fundamental analysis. Economic analysis is more useful when traders are trying to determine a trend over a longer time frame.

Trading strategies

Newcomers to the binary options market often hope to find a universal binary options trading strategy with accurate signals that work all the time, regardless of external conditions. There are many factors that influence the success of a tactic, and one of them is the trader's temperament, reaction speed and behaviour in different situations. For instance, not everyone will be comfortable with a 60-second binary options trading strategy, as many traders may prefer a more conservative, long-term tactic. It does not mean that the model is bad - you just have to find a different way of working. There are hundreds and even thousands of strategies on the market today. You will find popular commerce models which are used by the traders.

Popular binary options trading methods
Popular binary options trading methods

News trading

One of the most common ways to make money based on economic analysis is to trade on the news. The idea is to analyse the economic, political and even weather news and guess which of them will be of interest to the financial world.

It is first and foremost the responsibility of every trader to look at the economic calendar: some to identify times when it is not worth commerce, others to find news on which they can make money. The economic calendar is an invaluable tool for any trader.

The economic calendar has it all: it shows the strength of the news, the expected forecasts, the previous value of the news, as well as the history of the news.

Martingale trading

The Martingale method of trading involves doubling your bets when you lose. Doubling up continues until you win, and you start over from your original bet. This method was originally developed for gambling in casinos and is named after its developer. Experienced traders do not gamble, but use the Martingale method as part of their binary options trading strategy to diversify risk.  Using the Martingale system, a trader hopes that at least one deal will close in the profit and cover all past losses.


As a trader, scalping is a common name for the method of exchange trading with a number of short-term speculations on the market with a small amount of risk and profit. As a rule, in binary options commerce, such trades are made on time intervals from thirty seconds to five minutes. Charts and indicators are used for analysis.

Scalping strategies for binary options have advantages over other types of trades:

  • The time of being "in the market" is much less than in traditional trading. Therefore, trading risks are reduced;
  • Small market movements are easier to catch;
  • The possibility to enter the market at flat or insignificant on volatility side-trend is much more. Consequently, there are more opportunities to make good profit;
  • No need to understand the complex economic processes that occur in the market and are used in medium and long term trading.

Trend trading

The price on the market is always in the movement, and to make profit from it, you need to predict the future direction of the price. By trend trading, you buy on the assumption that the trend will continue. That is, if it is an uptrend now, you buy a Call option.

A trend is a steady and prolonged price movement in one direction (up or down).

A counter-trend is the other side of the trend following. Followers of this binary options trading strategy argue that a trend cannot last forever and use a number of indicators and support and resistance levels to suggest a trend reversal and bet before the reversal.

Choose your binary options strategy
Choose your binary options strategy

There are many techniques: with and without indicators, night and day, during and after news releases. In order to choose the best way to trade binary options, you have to try various methods for yourself. Of course, it is easier to do it on a virtual account and practice before you pay money. It is a matter of finding the most suitable asset for trading, and before that you have to learn its features and test the strategies on a demo account. You can always do this on the platform, at your convenience.

Best way to trade binary options in Qatar

Options trading in Qatar can be extremely profitable if you can manage it properly. The platform has everything a trader needs - professional broker terminal, user-friendly interface, news, quotes, charts and indicators, live chats, etc. The task of the trader is to learn everything and practice as much as possible. To use all the features of the platform, you need to register. It takes a few minutes, and you can start commerce today.

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

Demo Account

To become a successful trader, you need a lot of knowledge. To do this, you need to open a demo account. The broker's website gives you access to a real commerce environment, which gives you the opportunity to improve your trading skills with virtual money. You can trade the market safely until you're ready to invest real money. You'll gain the knowledge you need to trade online, under the same conditions as professional traders. Furthermore, you can use a variety of trading methods before deciding the best way to trade binary options for yourself.

Real trading account

Once you are satisfied with your results on the demo account, you can register a live account. This is a convenient option because it gives you control of your earnings and transaction history. All profits will come into this account, and you can use it to make your first deposit to trade. Without a brokerage account, it is impossible to make a real trade. 

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

On the platform, you can also use leverage.

This is a brokerage service that allows you to buy orders even if you do not have enough money to do so.  In legal essence, it is a brokerage service that provides funds that are several times your own. Using leverage allows you to earn more income.

The brokerage platform guarantees the security of your investments. This is a fantastic service that will make commerce much easier. Online - trading is easy to do without having to get up from your computer. You can also use the mobile app to trade. Give it a try, and it'll work out for you!

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