Eos cryptocurrency

While the world is crazy about digital currency, every day there are more and more new representatives of the crypto family. The emergence of EOS, whose father was Dan Larimer, did not go unnoticed. EOS is the twenty-seventh largest digital coin in the ranking. The EOS blockchain network was launched just three years ago and immediately caused a stir in the digital asset market. Some analysts predict a great future for it, putting ahead of the patriarch of cryptocurrencies. 

EOS is a platform for developing decentralized applications, the main competitor to Ethereum. 

Eos cryptocurrency
Eos cryptocurrency

It has a simple and user-friendly interface, and a very high (up to 100,000) transaction processing speed. In a sense, EOS is a modernized Ether, that is, a platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. The EOS cryptocurrency is similar to Ethereum and is essentially a new one. a look at the virtual machine of the same name.The main difference lies only in the fact that the creators of Ethereum organized a distributed supercomputer, while the EOS developers concentrated on a platform that works like an operating system. Den Larimer's team is actively competing with the Ethereum project, but they did not manage to seriously squeeze the leader. The initial offer of EOS tokens stretched for a whole year, from June 2017 to June 2018. Thanks to a good marketing campaign, the new cryptocurrency caused a stir among investors. 

It is worth noting that the main goal of the digital currency is the formation of a versatile functional environment that can offer all the available capabilities of smart contracts and reliable hosting to the creators of dApps, as well as decentralized storage for corporate solutions.

EOS is an platform powered by blockchain technology
EOS is an platform powered by blockchain technology

How to invest Eos in Qatar?

Since the start of sales, the platform has brought the creators more than $ 200 billion, and announced that it was going to finally change the process of making transactions in the cryptocurrency system. The platform, which is an operating system and equipped with numerous functions and services, was created to simplify the process of developing decentralized dapps applications.

Dapps are applications that run on decentralized platforms. With their help, you can create and maintain continuous integration processes.

Now there are several methods of earning money from crypto. Below we will consider the most popular methods.


In the process of servicing network users, new available coins appear. This is mining, the principle of this phenomenon. The main function of mining is adding transfers to the registry. This requires performing complex mathematical tasks that only powerful computers that require a lot of energy can do. Currently, it is simply impossible to mine virtual coins at home, alone, without special equipment. Therefore, a network of several powerful computers arises. Miners receive remuneration that gets smaller every year. To receive a permanent reward, users are united in pools. This allows you to break down the task into not small subtasks, which are gradually solved by the participants in the pool.

In order to know how to mine cryptocurrency, you need to master the principles of mining:

  • a virtual currency transaction cannot be canceled;
  • production is not regulated, the system cannot be blocked or subordinated;
  • a powerful computer is required;
  • the amount of virtual currency is strictly limited, it is impossible to get more than what is set in the settings;
  • all transactions are strictly anonymous (no personal data is required);
  • you can use the money to pay for goods and services, exchange it for fiat currency.

Anyone can start mining cryptocurrency. But the process is constantly becoming more complicated and requires a lot of computer power. There is a way out of this situation - everyone connects to the network and provides their power for carrying out mathematical calculations. This increases the chances of making money from mining. The basis for making money from mining is the availability of the necessary equipment. You also need to know the mining algorithms. If you have a stationary computer at home, you can mine if you have:

  • the Internet;
  • cryptocurrency wallet;
  • special software;
  • powerful video card.

EOS does not imply the extraction of new coins by using computing power, that is, mining. The coin can be bought either directly through the company's website or on one of the exchanges. Therefore, mining the EOS cryptocurrency is impossible, the only way to get it is to buy it.

Mining the EOS cryptocurrency is impossible
Mining the EOS cryptocurrency is impossible

Crypto exchange and crypto wallets

Today, the number of digital coin exchanges has grown significantly. Investors are investing money in this area, seeing a steadily increasing demand. But before registering and starting to work on the exchange, it is necessary to clarify exactly what manipulations can be carried out here. Despite the fact that all exchanges as a whole are a market and are very similar, the crypto exchange has a number of differences:

  • Pricing. On crypto-exchanges, the main influence on the price is exerted by the emission of a large volume of coins. That is, you need to anticipate a surge and have time to enter it at a certain stage, before the recession starts. Some players try to provoke growth in this way, imitating a currency blowout in order to attract participants from other exchanges.
  • The effectiveness of technical analysis. Despite the high volatility, which, as you know, significantly complicates the construction of a quote forecast based on technical analysis, many traders constantly use it. And most often successfully. Although experts argue that the lack of historical statistics, the rarity and irregularity of significant events, and constant leaps are not a good basis for analysis, it nevertheless proves its effectiveness over and over again.
  • High volatility. Volatility is an indicator that reflects the change in the price of an asset over a certain period of time. Those changes that occur with real money in the stock market, where quotes can rarely jump 100% in a year. While the cryptocurrency can grow up to 1000%. High volatility holds a bottom line for traders and investors, but it also poses a major risk. Because the currency, like many assets, not only rises, but also falls in value.
  • Difficulty getting relevant and fresh news. With cryptocurrency, everything is more complicated - they rarely write about it in the press and hardly talk about it in the news. You can get fresh and relevant news only on specialized portals, forums or blogs. And considering that news is a trader's bread, it is very labor-intensive when working with cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency exchange is a relatively new phenomenon, therefore, fraught with many prospects and dangers. Novice traders and investors should be very careful and thoroughly prepare before joining this uncharted stream.

If you decide to work on a cryptocurrency exchange, then for this you need a crypto wallet. Cryptocurrency is stored in crypto wallets. Essentially, a crypto wallet is a program that contains your public and private cryptographic keys. Keys allow you to perform cryptocurrency transactions and work with the blockchain on your own behalf. It is important to understand that the currency in a crypto wallet is not the same as regular money in pocket. Your wallet is, in fact, just two keys, it does not contain any money. The digital money itself is on the blockchain and never leaves it. When they are transferred from wallet to wallet, only one action occurs: only the next block describing this transaction is added to the blockchain.

Invest in EOS in Qatar
Invest in EOS in Qatar

Investing through online trading platforms

All trading in organized markets has long become so organized that it has completely switched to online. For stable operation, it is important to know the most stable and convenient platforms, where to trade profitably and safely. When choosing a platform for transactions with digital assets, you should pay special attention to the reliability and stability of the company. When choosing a service, it is recommended to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Reliability rating is the main parameter on which the safety of a trader's funds depends.
  • Supported payment methods. Some cryptocurrency platforms work only with digital funds.
  • Trading volume. The higher the daily turnover of funds on the exchange, the more chances a trader has to make money. A platform that trades $ 500 per day cannot provide high profits.
  • The size of the commission. Each site sets its own commission size. On average, the value is 0.2% of the transaction volume.
  • Technical support service. In problem situations, it is important to get prompt help from specialists, which will minimize possible losses and damages.
Invest in EOS in Qatar via an online trading platform
Invest in EOS in Qatar via an online trading platform

When working on online trading platforms, you can use a CFD contract. 

Contracts for differences are now widespread, specialized derivative financial instruments that allow you to trade on price dynamics.  

CFD contracts do not have a fixed maturity, which means that the contract between the intermediary and the client does not have an expiration date. Instead, the client can terminate the contract whenever he wishes.

Working on online platforms, you can use a demo account.A demo account is a good tool for both beginners and experienced traders.This account allows you to get used to the exchange, test your strategy, check commissions and get to know a new broker. For beginners, the advantages of trading on a demo account are obvious - they can gain experience without risking their own money. 

How to buy EOS in Qatar through an online broker?
How to buy EOS in Qatar through an online broker?

Perspectives  EOS

The EOS operating system provides its users with cloud and server hosting and authentication services. The platform is a turnkey system for developers of decentralized applications that allows you to use a full-fledged authentication system. Each account is assigned rights with certain levels of access, keeping personal data safe. Another novelty is the ability to store personal data outside the blockchain. Also, EOS provides the ability to recover a stolen account at the protocol level. In one of the latest updates, EOS integrated the ability to use a common database for several accounts at once. When making predictions and thinking about a purchase, it is worth considering the fact that EOS cryptocurrency is not just tokens.Behind the coins is the largest and most sought-after project created to minimize the shortcomings of the blockchain. The team's goal was to create the most convenient and fastest platform for transactions and application development. The prospects of the currency itself directly depend on how the system will develop. Let's go back in time: in 2017, at the very beginning of token sales, their value did not exceed $ 1 per unit. By 2018, the token rate had risen sharply to $ 14, and the total capitalization of the EOC rose to the first positions in the rating. 

EOS information
EOS information

The scalability of the EOS system, high performance, free transactions and other positive aspects make this cryptocurrency very promising.

Thanks to modern algorithms, high bandwidth, properly built partnerships between the system and its users, EOS confidently occupies the leading positions in the ratings. If we consider the above, it can be noted that the EOS project, called the "Ethereum killer", entered the TOP-10 most capitalized cryptocurrencies , and the value of the company's tokens continues to grow rapidly. The purchase and investment of a virtual coin can be carried out in any country, including in Qatar.

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