Cryptocurrencies have quickly become one of the hottest investment vehicles of the past decade, gaining popularity first with retail traders in 2017 and now with institutional investors.

What is Ethereum Classic? 

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a blockchain-crypto platform for the development of decentralized applications based on open source smart contracts. 

It is a decentralized Turing-complete virtual machine, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which can execute programs on public network nodes.

Information about ETC on the Investment platform
Information about ETC on the Investment platform

The digital project ETC is an advanced platform for building decentralized applications based on blockchain technology. In addition, within this platform, the digital cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic is generated. Ethereum Classic is a kind of platform for creating applications. Cryptocoin Ethereum Classic appeared on July 20, 2016 after the collapse of the second most popular and capitalized cryptocurrency Ethereum. This split occurred following a hack of a large cryptocurrency fund TheDAO.

In recent years, Ethereum Classic has become one of the most talked about coins in the cryptocurrency market.

Several key factors about ETC:

  • Ethereum Classic has grown from $ 0.9288 to over $ 50 in just five years. (That's an incredible 5,283.29% growth in half a decade).
  • Ethereum Classic has experienced several setbacks in terms of price and value, but it has always returned to new highs, although in some cases it took years.
  • Many experts rate Ethereum Classic positively.
  • Ethereum Classic's price history shows that this can be a long-term investment. Prices go up and down, but they always get better over time.
  • Ethereum Classic is an affordable investment compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum Classic has a loyal and dedicated community that hasn't given up on it even after the DAO hack.
  • There are about 120 million ETC tokens in circulation, that is, about 90 million are yet to be mined. (This will have a positive impact on supply / availability on its price and value in the future).
ETC trading conditions
ETC trading conditions

How does Ethereum Classic work? 

Ethereum Classic provides the Ether currency, which can be transferred from one network participant to another and is used to pay for calculations performed by public network nodes, as well as the ability to create your own digital assets (tokens) on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. The ether paid for the calculations made is called "Gas" (Gas). Gas serves not only to pay for the calculations performed, but also prevents DDOS attacks on the network.

What makes Ethereum Classic unique? 

In fact, the observance of the principle of decentralization of the cryptocurrency, as well as the preservation of the impossibility of interference in its work by external factors, is the only significant difference between the ETC and ETH coins.

Where to buy Ethereum Classic in Qatar? 

There are several ways on the market right now to get your own Ethereum Classic coin. You can buy ETC on one of the specialized exchanges, for example Binance.

Popular crypto exchanges: 

1. Binance.

2. Okex.

3. Huobi.

An alternative way to buy Ethereum Classic in Qatar is through a brokerage trading platform as CFDs (Exchange Rate Difference Contracts). The whole process takes place through a computer or other mobile devices. To invest in Ethereum Classic is simple and easy, a trader needs a broker with low fees and a reliable platform. 

How to start investing in Ethereum Classic in Qatar? 

Amid the crisis and pandemic of 2020, the traditional economy is collapsing, more and more people are looking for options for protective assets that will save their funds from inflation. And in these conditions, the crypt reaches a new level, which is clearly evidenced by the growth explosion in September.

Many newbies are wondering if they can invest in Ethereum Classic to get passive earnings. That is, a person receives money not only at the beginning / end of the month, when he is entitled to a well-deserved salary, but even when he eats, sleeps or takes a shower. And while he is busy with his own business, his investments work for him.

How to invest in Ethereum Classic (ETC)?
How to invest in Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

To start earning passive income, you need to at least study the market, know the options for passive income, and assess the risks. Try it and you will definitely succeed!

The main idea of ​​passive earnings is to regularly save small amounts and constantly reinvest the interest earned. In the long term, this creates a positively linked financial snowball effect, generating more and more income over time.


Staking is a way of passive earnings in which users store coins on the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm and ensure the blockchain remains operational. This gives them the right to make a profit. The point of staking is to ensure all operations on the blockchain and support the network. For this, holders of digital coins receive a reward. The more tokens a holder has, the more likely he is to become the creator of a new block.

Cryptocurrency mining 

An alternative to staking is mining. Cryptocurrency mining is one of the oldest passive income ideas going back to the classic Proof-of-Work (PoW) method for reaching consensus. However, with the current level of development of blockchain technology, the vast majority of the mining market is occupied by specialized mining pools. They can afford optimized operation based on the highest grade equipment and cheap power.

Choose classic mining or staking depending on the algorithm
Choose classic mining or staking depending on the algorithm

Landing page 

Cryptocurrency landing page is to some extent the lease (rent) of digital coins. In other words, the essence lies in the acquisition of a certain number of digital tokens for their automatic transfer to the exchange, which will earn on them. In this case, the income will be distributed both between the owner of the money and the owners of the trading platform.

The above method is very risky, but the possibility of making large profits makes investors turn a blind eye to the potential threat of capital loss.

Cashback rewards 

The idea is very simple - get paid by spending. You spend your cryptocurrency or fiat at certain times, and in return you receive a percentage income from your purchases in the selected cryptocurrency. Many sites offer debit cards that automatically convert cryptocurrency to fiat and allow regular cashless payments.

There are other relevant ways to invest in Ethereum Classic in Qatar.


Price fluctuations contain not only risks, but also opportunities, and the higher the market volatility (and the cryptocurrency has the maximum), the higher the potential earnings can be even in one day. A beginner can try this method by investing a small amount of money, which is not critical to lose. The essence of conventional spot trading is “buy cheaper, sell higher”. But you can also make money on the depreciation if you learn to trade derivatives.

Long-term investment 

The HODL strategy implies long-term (up to several years) retention of the asset, counting on such a significant rise in the rate, which, when sold, compensates for all expectations. The standard rule for the formation of an investment portfolio is 80/20. This method makes it possible to get tangible profits with any sudden surge of "weak" cryptocurrencies, but at the same time continue to hold on to the strongest coins.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) trading platform
Ethereum Classic (ETC) trading platform

Everyone can try to invest in Ethereum Classic and become a full-fledged trader. Follow the basic recommendations and you will succeed!

  • You cannot invest all the money you have at once. You can invest those savings that you do not mind losing.
  • It is better to distribute funds to different projects. Even if one of them does not "shoot", the rest will not take the portfolio into a minus. Investors should choose coins with different targeting.
  • You always need to reserve the opportunity to buy some digital money or another. Therefore, either it is necessary to initially split the available capital into parts. Or develop a regular investment strategy.
  • Don't fuss. The less the investor takes action, the better. The biggest problem is when the person starts to twitch. A novice investor may be worried about a change in the rate of cryptocurrencies, in this regard, he often begins to sell and buy new coins. The more such actions he performs, the more he pays the commission to the exchange and goes into a minus.

To successfully invest in ETC, you will have to work on yourself, study the information, spend time in order to have time to conclude a profitable deal. But all this is more than offset by a large profit, of course, with the right approach to this matter. We wish you a successful investment!

Is it safe to invest in Ethereum Classic online? 

To protect yourself:

  • Link your account to a mobile phone number;
  • Use strong passwords for all services. Use different combinations of numbers and numbers;
  • Connect two-factor authentication.

Is Ethereum Classic a Good Investment? 

Wallet investors, a respected algorithm-based forecasting site, believes ETC will continue to grow. He predicts the coin will be trading at $ 88 by early 2022 and a whopping $ 147 by December 2025.

Should traders invest in Ethereum Classic? 

Due to the fact that the cost of the Ethereum Classic coin, in contrast to the usual Ethereum, is significantly lower, this allows many users to invest in this asset, hoping to receive profit in the future due to the growth of the exchange rate quotes of the digital coin.

How to buy Ethereum Classic?
How to buy Ethereum Classic?

How to buy Ethereum Classic in Qatar right now? 

Follow these general guidelines if you decide to buy ETC on a cryptocurrency exchange:

  • log into your account on the exchange only from your computer and with a VPN enabled;
  • do not use public Wi-Fi;
  • it is better to store funds over a long distance in a cold cryptocurrency wallet;
  • to reduce costs, withdraw coins to your wallet, the amount can be divided into two parts;
  • think about your savings. If something happens to you, loved ones should know how they can access your savings.

To invest in Ethereum Classic in Qatar through the CFD trading platform, you do not need a large investment, you just need some free time. The trader has great flexibility when trading CFDs, since he is not tied to the asset itself. A trader simply makes money on the movement of the price of an asset (it goes up or down) without owning, buying or selling the cryptocurrency itself.

The method of investment must first of all be chosen based on the amount of free time and money that you want to spend on making a profit. Go ahead, successful bidding!

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