What is IOTA (MIOTA)?  

IOTA (MIOTA) is a cryptocurrency based not on blockchain, but on a new data structure called "Tangle", which does not require blocks, chains and miners. One of the main areas of application of IOTA technology, according to the developers' plan, is the Internet of Things (IoT).

Tangle is a new data structure based on Direct Acyclic Graph and does not require miners and data blocks.

Each member of the IOTA network who wishes to complete a transaction must actively participate in the network consensus by approving two past transactions. This attestation of the validity of two past transactions ensures that the entire network reaches a consensus on the current state of approved transactions, and allows for many unique features that only IOTA has: high transaction throughput thanks to parallel validation without restrictions on their number, no transaction fees , greater decentralization compared to blockchain and higher security.

Thus, it is impossible to mine new IOTA: the entire volume of coins was issued immediately at the time of creation. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that if you do any work in IOTA, then you do not create new tokens, but simply confirm other transactions.

In the future, IOTA will allow companies to implement new b2b models, transforming every technology resource into a potential service that will be sold on the open market in real time with no fees. Secure and authenticated communication channels between devices will be built through Tangle.

In the future, any physical resources connected to a common network can be rented in real time: not only equipment, but also the computing power of computers and volumes for data storage. Tangle also opens up new opportunities for secure data transfer to eGovernance, including electronic voting. Several companies are already conducting research in this direction.

How to buy IOTA (MIOTA)
How to buy IOTA (MIOTA)

What are the benefits of IOTA? 

The important distinguishing features of the IOTA project are:

  • there is no limit to the scaling of operations, and the number of transactions that can be processed per second is in the thousands;
  • to process operations, you do not need user support in the form of mining. Thanks to this, there is no need to create pools, and there is no need to centralize the release within the boundaries of their work;
  • from the previous paragraph it follows that since there is no mining, there are no commissions for making transfers. This means that it becomes possible to carry out micropayments.

In a language that is understandable for users, these aspects can be represented as follows:

  • there are no additional costs - you do not need to pay commissions, the support of the IOTA network occurs thanks to each transfer;
  • to complete the operation, you do not need to synchronize with the network. It is also not required to verify the entire blockchain. Translations are also available offline;
  • no matter how much the payment is made - the absence of a commission contributes to the quick execution of them;
  • the enormous computational power that has always been required in other cases to process operations is not needed here. Thanks to the self-regulation system, autonomous support of transfers of this cryptocurrency is carried out, regardless of the amount and quantity.
IOTA (MIOTA) trading platform
IOTA (MIOTA) trading platform

How to buy IOTA (MIOTA) 

The IOTA project peaked in 2017. Then the token was in the top 5 in terms of total capitalization.

In September 2017, experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) discovered vulnerabilities in the IOTA security system. The developers did not agree with the arguments of the MIT specialists, but this did not save the cryptocurrency from a collapse.

Despite this, many exchanges have included IOTA in their listing, where it is to date.

Therefore, you can buy IOTA in Qatar on almost any exchange. But for greater security, you should give preference to the most tested and reliable platforms.

These include:

1. Binance.

It is the world's leading blockchain ecosystem and infrastructure provider for the cryptocurrency industry with a portfolio of financial products that includes the largest digital asset trading exchange in terms of volume. Binance offers a unique portfolio of cryptocurrency products and opportunities. These include: trade and finance, education, research and data, philanthropy, investment and incubation, decentralization and infrastructure solutions, and much more.

2. Okex

It is a popular cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017, which provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. Some main functions of the exchange include spot trading and derivatives trading.

3. Huobi

This exchange is one of the top 10 largest platforms in terms of trading volume. It was founded in 2013 in Singapore and offers clients the opportunity to buy, sell and margin trade cryptocurrencies.

How to start investing in IOTA (MIOTA)?
How to start investing in IOTA (MIOTA)?

Where to trade IOTA (MIOTA)? 

You can trade cryptocurrencies not only on stock exchanges, but at brokerage companies. Against the background of the rapid growth in popularity of cryptocurrencies, many brokers have included them in the list of trading instruments.

IOTA is not in the top 10, so not all brokerage companies provide the opportunity to trade this cryptocurrency, but there are companies that provide the option to buy MIOTA.

It should be noted here that when you trade with brokers you trade CFDs, so you can not only buy IOTA, but also open sell orders for IOTA.

When trading with brokerage companies, you get other benefits:

  • there are no restrictions on the use of strategies. You can work in both bullish and bearish markets. Hedging is allowed (opening a position in both directions simultaneously).
  • orders are executed instantly. At exchanges, the speed of order execution depends on the commission set by the trader, and delays in the execution of transactions can stretch for several hours. This significantly limits your trading opportunities.
  • brokerage companies offer higher quality trading platforms that are built for trading. Exchange platforms are built for the easy exchange of tokens.
Registration on the platform
Registration on the platform

How to invest in IOTA (MIOTA) 

Investments are always long-term investments. Invest in IOTA is buy IOTA for a long period of time. Some investors have been holding on to cryptocurrencies for years.

Obviously, with this approach, not only the place where you buy IOTA is important, but also the place where you store IOTA. These must be reliable cryptocurrency wallets.

Currently, hardware wallets represent the highest level of protection. For example, TREZOR is one of these. It is one of the most reliable cryptocurrency storage wallets. Each transaction is confirmed physically on the device itself, so no one except you can send funds.

If the device is lost, attackers will not be able to get to your cryptocurrencies, since you need a PIN code to enter. And even after a loss, you can restore your savings using the 24-digit code (SEED), which is generated when you first start up the device.

There are other hardware wallets on the market now.

How to open a demo or a real account
How to open a demo or a real account

How to start investing in IOTA (MIOTA)? 

Invest in IOTA in Qatar is available on any popular exchange. If you already have an account on the exchange, then you can buy MIOTA right now. In the future, you can store IOTA either on the exchange wallet (this is not very secure), or on one of the cryptocurrency wallets.

How to trade IOTA on a demo account? 

Unfortunately, many exchanges do not provide the ability to trade on a demo account. Therefore, it is best to open an account with a broker to train or test a strategy. Almost all brokerage companies provide clients with the opportunity to work on a demo account.

Here you can not only master the trading platform and learn how to trade, but also test trading strategies or trading robots.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

Security of IOTA (MIOTA) investments 

Invest in IOTA in Qatar is definitely not the safest method of investing. Yes, the project has good development prospects. In 2021, the developers updated the systems and fixed the previously identified vulnerabilities.

But no one can give you a 100% guarantee that the IOTA hack will not repeat itself. Therefore, when investing in IOTA, it is worth realistically assessing the risks and making investment decisions based on these risks.

It is safer to trade IOTA. In this case, you are protected from the next possible hacking of the platform. You are simply buying IOTA or selling IOTA trying to capitalize on changes in the value of an asset.

In this case, the problems of the project itself do not affect your profit.

Information about IOTA on the Investment platform
Information about IOTA on the Investment platform

How safe is it to invest in IOTA (MIOTA) 

If you decide to invest in IOTA (invest for a long period of time), then it is best to use the services of reliable exchanges.

If you prefer trading. It is best to buy MIOTA through brokers.


Can you buy IOTA?

IOTA can be bought on many exchanges.

Invest in IOTA carries some risk, but the project can still bring very good profits in the future.

Buy IOTA on a cryptocurrency exchange.

If you want to buy IOTA in Qatar for rial, you are unlikely to succeed. Most exchanges do not handle fiat money.

Open an account on the exchange. Exchange real money for another cryptocurrency. Buy MIOTA.

The project went through a number of difficult moments in 2017 and 2019, which negatively affected the capitalization of the project.

In 2017, a vulnerability was identified, and in 2019 the project was hacked by hackers.

In 20201, the developers presented an update.

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