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What is Theta?

Theta is a blockchain network built for video streaming. 

The goal of the project and the THETA cryptocurrency is to create the best decentralized network for streaming video, which will solve the main problems of the existing industry. Namely, high costs, low income for content creators, management of one body, poorly developed infrastructure.

Theta cryptocurrency
Theta cryptocurrency

In 2017, Sliver VR Technologies, Inc. launched a subsidiary. At the head of Theta Lab. got up:

  • CEO  - Mitchum Liu. He graduated from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at MIT (Bachelor's Degree) and received his Master's degree from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.
  • CEO and CTO - Jiei Long. He patented his own technologies, including online VR broadcasting.
  • Principal Consultant - Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube.

According to a report from Cisco, by 2023, 80% of all global traffic will come from video content, and its amount will be measured in zettabytes (100 trillion gigabytes)!

The developers of the project noticed that most of the advertisements that we are now watching are provided to us from video materials. And the total amount of video content is constantly growing. Therefore, Theta Token team decided to create their own decentralized platform, which would give an opportunity to earn money for both users and advertisers with video creators. To ensure the above conditions, the Theta Labs team has developed the following interaction scheme:

  • First of all, the content creator uploads his material to the platform, then sets up its properties (audience, number of impressions, cost).
  • Each user who will watch the video can rent out their computing power, which will help promote the content.
  • The more a network participant takes part in the distribution of content, the higher his reputation in the network will be, and as a result, the more rewards he will receive in the form of Theta tokens.

This project is based on the Proof of Engagement method. With the help of PoE, the possibility of transparent accrual of tokens will be provided. If the user has not watched the video, then he does not receive a reward.

Theta Perspectives
Theta Perspectives

Where does Theta come from?

To mine Theta, it is enough to have a personal computer. In general, THETA mining is about launching video content hosted on the Theta site. Watching the video, users will give a part of the computing power of their computers for which they will receive a reward.

How does Theta work?

Blockchain project THETA proposes to solve such problems as a significant increase in the share of video, which will require huge computing power of servers to transcode and store content for users.

What makes Theta unique?

Crypto platform Theta offers its users not only the opportunity to watch video content, as well as take part in streams, but also offers them earnings by showing activity in the development of the site and providing the computing power of their computer equipment. One of the key factors indicating the success of Theta Token is that this project already has a formed user audience, thanks to the integration with the service.

Where to buy Theta?

If you want to buy Theta, then you can do it on an exchange or on an online trading platform. When purchasing digital coins through a cryptocurrency exchange, you will need to study a lot of information on this topic, as well as constantly monitor the rates of cryptocurrencies.

Never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

To buy Theta in Qatar simply and easily, you will need a reliable online brokerage platform. An online broker allows a trader to exchange the difference in a contract (CFD) for the price movement of a specific asset upon entering and exiting a contract - without owning the underlying asset.

When buying Theta, you don't need to invest directly in cryptocurrency. You are simply trading price movements in the market in real time. That is, you can make a profit not only if the price rises, but also if it decreases. We wish you success and stable profit!

How to start investing in Theta in Qatar?

There are many trading strategies to start investing in Theta in Qatar. You can choose any and build your own effective trading system. The most successful traders build their strategies by relying on analysis, setting stops and take profit orders, controlling the number of trades and working with a diversified portfolio, for example, from stocks, commodities, indices and currencies.

Red Theta
Red Theta

Following a strategy when trading cryptocurrencies can help you reduce your risk. 

Intraday trading

Intraday trading involves entering and exiting positions within one day with the main goal of capitalizing on intraday price fluctuations. When it comes to cryptocurrency, when the respective trading platforms are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the meaning of day trading changes slightly. In this context, the strategy is called short-term, when a trader makes several transactions during the day.

Swing trading

Swing trading is a longer term strategy. Here traders hold a position for more than one day, but not more than a month. Swing - Traders usually try to capitalize on volatility, where swings often last for days or weeks. They use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to make thorough trading decisions.

Swing trading allows you to make smarter decisions with less rush.

Trend trading

Also called positional trading, a trending trading strategy involves traders holding positions for a longer period of time, usually several months. Trend traders try to capitalize on directional trends. They usually go long in an uptrend and short in a downtrend. They rely mainly on the fundamental factors underlying the price action of an asset, considering events that can last for a long time. Here you must always be prepared for a trend reversal.


One of the fastest trading strategies that does not require waiting for large movements and trends. Scalpers specialize in small movements. They don't practice opening long trades. Instead, they can open and close positions in seconds. Scalping is considered an advanced trading strategy and is not recommended for beginners. It is often used by whale traders (those who manage large amounts of cryptocurrency). Because interest rate targets are low, position sizing comes to the fore.

Benefits of investing in Theta cryptocurrency
Benefits of investing in Theta cryptocurrency

For investing in Theta in Qatar, you can choose the most popular trading strategy, build your own trading plan and adjust it according to your personal needs. Try it and you will definitely succeed!

Should traders invest in Theta?

Most analysts who study and analyze the crypto market speak positively about the very idea of ​​creating a blockchain platform for viewing streaming video content. Considering the fact that this market segment is characterized by continuous and steady growth, the Theta platform has the potential to quickly gain acceptance from the user audience.

Is Theta a good investment?

Theta (THETA) hit $ 15.90 on April 16, 2021. This was recorded as an all-time high.

How to buy Theta right now?

To invest simply and easily, traders need a reliable broker. The most popular and affordable way for every trader to start investing in Theta is to open a trading account with an online brokerage platform. Before uploading supporting documents, fill out your account user profile by providing basic details such as name, email address.

Register on the platform
Register on the platform

On the CFD trading platform, you will be able to use a leveraged trading account. Leverage is the ratio of a trader's or investor's capital to the borrowed funds that they receive to trade in financial markets. Leverage is not a loan in the usual sense of the word, no interest is charged for use. The funds are not credited to the trader's account, they go straight to the deal.

Demo account

By investing in Theta on the CFD trading platform, you have the opportunity to try trading without fear for your own savings. This is possible by opening a demo account on the trading platform. A demo account gives you a chance to gain invaluable trading experience, study the peculiarities of the trading platform, and learn to cope with your emotions, experiencing unexpected surges in the market and unpredictable events so that the trader will react less sharply next time.

You can start with a demo account or go straight to a live account
You can start with a demo account or go straight to a live account

Real account

After registering and confirming your account details, you can proceed to transfer funds to an approved trading account using one of the provided payment methods. This can be done by transferring money using a bank card, by bank transfer, through an electronic wallet. Depending on the chosen method of replenishment, the money will be received from 5 minutes to several days. We wish you a successful investment!

Choose a convenient way to fund your account
Choose a convenient way to fund your account
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