What is an electronic trading platform?

Today, exchange trading is available all over the world, so it can be used by almost anyone with access to the internet. But without specialist knowledge and training, you can quickly waste money and become disillusioned. You don't have to be educated, but it is important to learn the ins and outs of electronic trading platforms.

Basic concepts

Anyone who wants to do trading and investing has to face some restrictions: the law does not allow private persons to trade on the stock exchange. You will need an intermediary who will conduct transactions on your behalf. These intermediaries are called brokers. They offer you a website adapted for trading, which may have different functions. 

An electronic trading platform is software that connects traders and investors from around the world to an exchange and allows them to execute trades in real-time.

Platform features

A broker's website offers important features such as instant execution of orders, real-time market quotes, asset analysis, market overview and more. They also offer additional benefits, such as web-based account management and trading analytics, money management tools, customised trading indicators and customer service. Make sure your broker gives you these benefits, not just the trading terminal. These features are very important while you are working, as they make a trader's life easier.

Account Control

Here you can fund your account, transfer funds or withdraw funds, review your transaction history and analyse your trades.  Evaluate the performance of your portfolio with detailed account analysis.

The dashboard shows your account balance, portfolio performance, market activity and important news.

News on the multi asset trading platform
News on the multi asset trading platform

Instead of opening several accounts, traders can open one account with a specific balance that can be used to execute multiple trades. This will save you time and make it easier to analyse your trades.

Electronic trading platforms allow traders to monitor their market positions regularly.

Mobile App

To trade shares, bonds, currencies and other instruments, you need an exchange terminal. The classic programs are installed on your computer. Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone, and it is very convenient to have a trading terminal on the phone. Several charts on one screen, a wide range of technical analysis tools, historical quotes. Everything you look for in an ideal broker platform is now also available on your mobile phone.

Manage and control your online accounts and access live quotes from any device.

Because electronic platforms can access the data they need from anywhere in the world, they are an excellent choice for international investors. Traders can make trades and e-trades anywhere and anytime.

Set trading limits

The platform also allows users to set their own stop loss and take profit limits. Every trader who trades cryptocurrencies or any other asset uses different aids in their trading. Stop-loss (loss limitation) and take-profit (profit limitation) can be considered the basic tools that are used to properly implement a strategy, as well as to simplify the trading process itself.

Analytical section on the platform

As you probably already know, there are 2 main types of analysis that people use. The first one is the fundamental analysis, also called the base analysis, which is presented on the platform in the form of economic calendar and news feed. With this you can find out the main reasons behind the price movements of an asset, predict the direction of the price with the help of political, economic, social factors.

The second type is technical analysis. This is both a mathematical and a graphical method of investigating price movements based on past performance. It is more suitable for short-term trading. You can do it with a variety of charts, a wide choice of indicators on the platform.

Select indicators on the platform
Select indicators on the platform

When you take trading seriously, you should try to understand all types of analysis and master them equally well, this will make your job much easier and bring you profit.

Because online platforms have been designed to provide easy access and trading, it's easy for novice traders to get started. Online - commerce is possible because electronic trading platforms are secure. Transactions are made using private software and are fraud-proof.

Types of assets on an electronic trading platform

When you work on an electronic trading platform, you will find that there are many instruments that can be traded. This is why you will need to carefully consider every aspect of the process before making any decisions. You need to make sure that you invest in the right market at the right time. Once you do, you will be able to take advantage of the many benefits of trading the market.

Choose an asset for investment
Choose an asset for investment

Electronic platform for stock trading

Stocks are traded through a network of stock exchanges, such as. A company lists its shares on an exchange through an initial public offering (IPO). Investors buy these shares, which allows the business or company to raise money and grow its business. These investors can then trade these shares among themselves, which stimulates supply and demand for each listed stock.

Supply and demand help dictate the price of each share, or the level at which the people involved - investors and traders - want to buy or sell.

Electronic platform for forex trading

Forex is the art of trading the world's currencies. Trading is virtual and takes place online by various organizations, which together form the global forex market. These players make up the largest and most liquid market in the world, with a daily volume of transactions exceeding $5 trillion.

Popular currency pairs
Popular currency pairs

All traded assets on Forex are referred to as instruments. Currency pairs are one of these instruments. The term 'currency pair' itself is synonymous with two traded currencies. In other words, it is a ratio of prices of one currency to the other.

The best known currency pair with great liquidity is EUR/USD. This pair shows the ratio of the euro (EUR) to the American dollar (USD).

Electronic platform for options trading

An option is in itself a derivative security (a security against a security or asset), i.e. it is an exchange transaction, which means the right to buy (call) or sell (pull) an underlying asset at a fixed price. Note two subtleties:

  • You can either sell or buy the asset before or on the agreed date;
  • An option is a right, not an obligation. That is, you can refuse to buy or sell the asset, paying only the specified commission. This is very handy if the market turns in another direction than you want it to.

A binary option is considered to be a separate kind. Here you do not buy the asset as well, but you bet on its value.

A trader needs to find out how the price of the asset will change over a certain period of time. If the forecast is correct, the speculator makes a profit. If the forecast is wrong, the invested sum is lost. The deals themselves are made on assets.

Electronic platform for commodities trading

Speculative commerce of commodities is another opportunity for the investor to earn. These commodities are often resources which support the world economy, and any change in the economy provokes fluctuations in the price of raw materials. It is common to trade commodities in futures or CFD.

Commodities trading platform
Commodities trading platform

All commodities are categorized, you will mainly find energy resources, metals, and agricultural products on the platforms.

Electronic platform for ETF trading

ETF or Exchange Traded Fund is one of the most significant investment products, originally created for the individual investor. ETFs offer many advantages and are an excellent means of achieving your investment objectives when used correctly.

An ETF is a basket of securities that you can buy and sell on the relevant stock exchanges through a financial intermediary (broker).

There are many types of ETFs, and the number is growing steadily. Each exchange-traded fund has its own characteristics. For example:

  • Index ETFs - designed to track the performance of a particular index. These ETFs include the S&P 500 ETF, the Nasdaq ETF and the DAX30 ETF, for example.
  • Technology ETFs - designed to provide access to companies in industries such as energy, pharmaceuticals or technology.
  • Bond ETFs - designed to provide access to virtually all types of bonds - government, municipal, corporate, international, high-yield and so on. 
  • And others.

Electronic platform for cryptocurrency trading

Today, it's hard to find a person who hasn't heard of such a thing as cryptocurrency. Especially among those who are interested in the financial markets. In fact, a cryptocurrency or 'crypto' is a digital or virtual currency that is protected by encryption (cryptography), making it virtually impossible to counterfeit.

Cryptocurrency trading platform
Cryptocurrency trading platform

It is a new form of digital asset based on blockchain technology, a decentralized network that is distributed across many computers. Also, the hallmark of cryptocurrencies is that they are, in theory, immune to government intervention. Cryptocurrency trading is virtually indistinguishable from classic trading.

So, you can choose from a variety of assets. You can use demo accounts if you are new to trading and afraid of investing real money. They allow you to trade the market with virtual money, which means you can learn how the market works and test your trading strategy without risking your money.

How to start using an electronic trading platform in Qatar?

Finding a good electronic trading platform in Qatar is not difficult. You need to be sure that the site is safe and offers a lot of features to work with. As described earlier, it is not just a trading room, it has many assets to trade, training, technical support, analysis tools, etc. To take full advantage of the platform, register on the site by entering the required data about yourself and wait for your email. Once the registration is complete, the system will ask you to open 2 accounts to choose from.

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

Demo Account

Investing in any asset can be difficult if you don't have any knowledge. In order to improve your skills and reduce the risks associated with investing, you should first open a demo account with an online broker. This will allow you to play around with different assets, and see how they behave and what kind of returns you can expect from each.

With a demo account, you can make trades and practice your skills without having to worry about losing real money.

The fact is that you will be credited with a virtual sum, which will be enough to carry out many purchases. All you need is Internet access and a willingness to learn. 

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

Brokerage account

If you're confident in your abilities and ready to get started with real trading, we suggest you open a real trading account. Start with a small deposit of the minimum amount required by your broker. Also, note that to register a real account, you will need to add some information about yourself. Then you can gradually increase your account as you gain experience.

Also keep in mind that you can use leverage.

Financial leverage is the ratio of a trader's money to the total amount of money they trade. By its legal nature, it is a service by a broker to provide funds that are several times larger than his own. Using leverage allows you to earn more income.

Finally, if you are just starting out, choose the safest strategy that will prevent you from losing a lot of money. Become a trader or investor only if you have spare cash and want to try and get more out of it. Good luck!

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