Many novice traders find themselves in a quandary when trying to decide which trading style to choose. They include intraday, position trading, investing, swing trading or trading by fluctuations.  Let's take a closer look at swing trading, its advantages and disadvantages, and how to use trend lines in it. 

Swing trading using trend lines in Qatar

The name swing trading comes from the English word swing, which translates to "swinging". While other trading strategies are based on waiting for the price impulse and entering the market at the beginning of this movement, swing traders are fed by the indecision of the market. What does this mean?

Even during a global trend there are some local price swings. Within one day, or for several days in a row. That is, even in a global up trend, there may be periods when price will fall below the daily high. This is to then climb a little higher. The situation is mirrored on a down trend. These are the moments used in swing day trading strategies in Qatar. They enter the market on these pullbacks in order to make a profit when the price comes back in line with the global trend.

Choose your strategy
Choose your strategy

Swing trading is the best strategy in Qatar, which can be a great choice for those who don't have all-day trading and also for momentum traders who want to extend the time frame of their strategies. Just do it!

Benefits of swing trading strategies:

  • Slow style. Swing trading is less strenuous and involves fewer entries and exits. You give your trades a chance to develop over several days or even weeks.
  • Good for growing small accounts. Swing trading strategies are a great option for those working with a small account. By allowing the trade to develop over time, you have the opportunity to catch a large movement, which increases your profit potential.
  • Good for part-time traders. This style of trading does not require the trader to be in front of a computer all day. While most traders like what they do, many part-time traders do not have the opportunity to follow the market all the time. If you have a day job or other commitments, swing trading allows you to make money in the stock market.
  • It is a flexible type of trading. A swing trader can trade on any trend. Be it upward, downward or even sideways, as there are always swings and pullbacks.
  • Swing traders will need less effort to find an entry point - the pullback itself tells them how to enter the position.
  • Unlike intraday trading, swing trading does not require trades to be closed on the opening day, which means more profits can be made this way.

Disadvantages of swing trading strategies:

  1. Risks associated with moving positions overnight. These risks are inevitable if you want to hold a position overnight. It means that your position could be affected by some unexpected news related to the stock itself or to the market in general. You should try to mitigate this risk by properly sizing your position and closing it before significant news and events occur.

  2. Excessive management. Because swing traders allow positions to move for days or weeks, psychological factors can intervene: a rush to collect profits, the need for continuous monitoring of P&L and over-reliance on open positions.

Don't forget to place stop losses at support/resistance lines, manage your money skillfully and be able to identify global trends and their reversal points. So good luck!


Trend lines in swing trading

Swing trading allows you to make money on price movements after a pullback in the direction of the global trend. However, to understand which way price will move, you need to know what the current global trend is. To understand this, it is enough to draw a trend line on a chart - its direction will correspond to the global trend direction. Recall that a trend line is plotted on two price minimums or maximums on a chart. But helping to identify the trend line is not the only advantage of the trend line.

To make a profit in a swing trading strategy in Qatar, it is important not to confuse a price pullback with a trend reversal point. A mistake here can lead to big losses. Once again, the trend line will help. Noticing its breakage, the trader can timely close the position or abstain from its opening. In addition, trend lines can help predict future support and resistance lines in a trend market.

Thus, trend lines can be a valuable help for oscillating traders. Many novice players, find it difficult to find an effective way to select swing trading strategies stocks that match their trading ideas. Having such a list of "hot" stocks is very important because it essentially represents your pool of opportunities. Therefore, the selection to this list should be done very qualitatively. 

  1. The stock should have decent volume. The average daily trading volume in the stock should be at least 500,000.

  2. Volatility is needed for swing trading. The stock must have above-average volatility. In general, the average daily trading range in the stock must be more than $2.00. This means that quotes within a single day will vary by $2 or more. Many stocks have volatile and quieter periods, so only the last 10-14 trading days should be taken into account.

  3. Correlation should not be neglected. Correlation is one of the most important factors when it comes to risk assessment. Neglecting this rule increases the risks, and consequently reduces your chances of achieving a consistently profitable trade. Simply put, correlation is how similarly your stocks behave.

The swing day trading strategies use certain tools that are used to find and analyse technical formations. With technical analysis, trading players determine when to buy or sell assets on the exchange. They do not evaluate stocks and issuers, but price movements. 

The most important information for swing trading strategies stocks prices and volumes, because this data cannot be distorted. Proper preparation will go a long way to getting off to a good start. Take control of your financial future now!

Register, trade and make a profit!
Register, trade and make a profit!


The chart of a stock is important to any trader. The behavior of the price on its left side allows us to make assumptions about the price we will see on the right, that is, we predict future price movements based on the stock's historical behavior. Analyzing charts and looking for formations should become a habit for a trader. Look for information that you can easily recognize and are comfortable working with. The most common formations are triangles, wedges and flags.

Trend lines

Trend lines can be used to analyze the presence of a trend in a stock on a particular timeframe. If a stock starts to form rising Low's and rising High's, it shows an uptrend. If the stock begins to form a falling Low and a falling High, it is trending downwards. It is very important to pay attention to trends relevant to your chosen timeframe. 

Support and Resistance

Support and resistance levels are very informative tools for risk analysis. A support level is a price level at which buyers have historically been stronger than sellers and a resistance level is a price level at which sellers have historically been stronger than buyers. Support and resistance levels can appear as static price levels or as trend lines.

Moving averages

Moving averages are technical indicators, which are used for smoothing the price movement. It simply averages closing prices of previous bars for a certain period of time. This indicator may be used at any timeframe. Sometimes exponential moving averages are also used, in the calculation of which the recent price bars are given more weight. There is no ideal set of moving average parameters. 

A trader's aim is to use in his swing trading strategy those moving averages, which will help him to make more intelligent trading decisions. In addition, one should be consistent in his analysis. 

Other technical indicators

There are many technical indicators, and this can be a distraction for a trader. If you decide to use any technical indicators in your swing trading, make sure that they are actually useful for your analysis.

In order to join the world of swing trading, you need to follow a plan that will enable you to be as successful as possible. That means developing a well-thought-out swing trading strategy in Qatar and finding the tools to execute it effectively. We wish you a successful investment!

How to become a swing trader in Qatar?

Swing trading is available online, so anyone can get access to it. You don't have to have a specialized education, but it's important to get into the subject and learn the ins and outs of trading. 

1. Choose a broker to trade with. Pay attention to the competence of the expert, the reviews of his work and the commission he charges. 

2. Register. Everything can be done online without going to a company office. You will need to enter all your basic information, name and email or phone number on the online platform, and a link will be sent to confirm and continue the process. Before you start trading swing trading strategies in Qatar, do not forget to confirm your consent for data processing and storage.

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

3. Research the market to develop your own strategy. You should get information about the major trends in the market to understand when to buy and when to sell assets. The risks and profitability will depend on the swing trading strategy you choose.

4. Choose an account and make a deposit. Both demo and live accounts are available. A demo account is a dummy account, which allows you to test your knowledge and experience the functionality of the online platform, without risking your real money. 

How to open account
How to open account

Once the verification is successfully completed, choose the type of account, which will determine the amount of leverage, minimum deposit, spreads and more. To make a deposit to a real account, choose the 'deposit' option from the menu and select the payment system of your choice. Everyone will be able to find the best way for themselves.

The trading platform in Qatar offers you all the features you need at an affordable price. You can start earning real money on swing trading strategies stocks right now. So go ahead and have a successful trading!

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