IQ Option has been one of the most popular brokers in many countries. It was this company that managed to perform the so-called educational function for novice traders, thanks to which trading became accessible to absolutely every user. The lowest deposit bar of IQ Option is favorably complemented by the highest yield on the asset, reaching 91% in case of successful prediction of the direction of the asset's movement. The high-quality work of technical support and the simplicity of working with the trading platform also became the reasons that in 2013 this company was recognized as the most innovative broker among its competitors. In 2014, IQ Option received the title of the broker with the largest number of trading partners.

In its work with clients, IQ Option relies on constant contact with the trader, competently taking care of him and supporting him at all stages of trading. The pros of this broker is that it has one of the most innovative trading platforms with a large selection of trading assets. That is, technical problems when working with the IQ Option broker are practically excluded, which is a very important parameter when choosing a broker.

IQ Option Online Trading Platform
IQ Option Online Trading Platform

Trading platforms are becoming more popular every day, among a large number of investors and traders. This is due to the convenience and profitability of users. Developers, at one time, try to please each user and ensure comfortable work.

A specially designed site is also a trading platform, so that traders can carry out transactions through a web browser. Naturally, the broker provides access to the platform even with the help of a smartphone with Internet access. The mobile application works many times faster than the mobile version of the site, and also allows you to conduct all transactions (deposit/withdrawal of funds), as well as use the built-in indicators right on your phone. The platform terminal can also be installed on the user's personal computer, as well as on a tablet. This will provide the user with quick access to their account and allow them to fully track their transactions.

Broker IQ Option is a classic platform for making money on the market by analyzing the movement of asset prices. The site has a wide functionality for any desires of the trader. The terminal quickly loads the pages and the bidder is able to respond in a timely manner to changes in the indicators of the selected assets.

Today, an important part of the analysis of the trading platform before working with it is the deposit and withdrawal of funds. The user must study the site, make sure that the size of the deposit suits him and it will not be difficult to deposit it to a personal account.

Download the IQ Option mobile app
Download the IQ Option mobile app

How to deposit money?

The first thing the user should pay attention to is that it is impossible to make a deposit without registration and verification on the platform. Therefore, you will first need to create a personal account, for this the client needs to visit the official website of IQ Option. On the main page of the site, the client will find the registration button, then you need to fill in the proposed fields and come up with a password, this procedure will take a little time. After confirmation of registration, the user can enter his personal account.

It is important that already at this stage, the user gets access to the demo account of the platform. So, he can get acquainted with the functionality of the terminal and understand whether the chosen broker suits it.

After registration, the user needs to go through verification, since without it it will be impossible to make a deposit. During verification, the client needs to fill in the fields that the system offers. First you need to confirm the email address, then enter personal data, and then the platform may request some documents to confirm the data.

Once these processes are completed, the user will be able to decide how to deposit in IQ Option.

Registration on the platform
Registration on the platform

Click "Deposit" on the "IQ Option" screen.

In the personal account of the platform client, there is nothing superfluous. All functions are arranged harmoniously and conveniently for quick use. With the help of a personal account, a client of the platform can replenish a deposit, as well as make a profit transaction on his bank card.

In order to replenish the deposit, the client of the platform must log into his account. On the main page, he will be able to find a button to replenish the account, after which the system will automatically transfer him to the desired section.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

Choose the amount and method of depositing funds.

This platform is known for its small deposit. To start trading on IQ Option, the user only needs to deposit $10 into their account, which makes using the platform even easier and more affordable for clients.

Such a small amount of the deposit is justified by the desire of the developers to enable their clients to independently increase the size of the deposit through trading. Not many platforms can boast a deposit of less than $100.

In the account replenishment tab, the client can choose the method of transaction convenient for him, as well as the amount. When it comes to what deposit size will be better, users are better off listening to the opinion of experts in this matter. It is known that the larger the deposit amount, the more income the user receives from a profitable transaction, but at the same time, you cannot risk large amounts.

Popular top-up options
Popular top-up options

As a rule, experienced traders, when entering a trade, calculate the risk. It is necessary to open a deal with a risk for a deposit of 1-2%. This will allow you to keep the deposit, especially during the first trade.

The platform client can enter the amount manually or use ready-made layouts. To do this, select the desired amount from the list and click on it with the cursor.

Under the methods of depositing funds, we mean the most convenient transaction for the user. For comfort, the system automatically selects and offers the most popular methods for the country indicated by the user. Therefore, if the client does not see the usual methods of transaction, then he needs to check whether he correctly indicated the country when filling out personal data.

Why is it important to specify the country correctly? A correctly selected transaction depends on this, otherwise, the replenishment of the account may be delayed, or not confirmed at all. When the user specifies the country, the platform system automatically selects transactions, which makes it easier to replenish the deposit.

On the platform, the client can find various methods of transactions, the most popular of them and available in almost any country are replenishment with a bank or debit card, a transaction through well-known electronic payment systems, such as Visa and Mastercard. You can also replenish the deposit using a transaction from the client's bank account. All methods are designed to facilitate the actions of the client, in the question of how to deposit in IQ Option.

The platform client can enter the amount manually or use ready-made layouts
The platform client can enter the amount manually or use ready-made layouts

Platform Features

In addition to easy account replenishment, on the platform, all conditions must also be met for comfortable trading for users. IQ Option is one of the best trading platforms and provides all the necessary tools for a profitable user experience.

In the arsenal of the platform, there are tools and indicators for analyzing the movement of asset prices, which helps clients make profitable transactions. This arsenal is used as follows: the user chooses an asset that is convenient for him, and then, using the tools, determines the future direction of price movement, after which he enters the transaction.

With the correct use of indicators, the user guarantees a successful entry into the transaction, but it is important to remember that each of these tools has its own purpose and may not be suitable for an asset not chosen by the client.

Benefits of the IQ Option Platform
Benefits of the IQ Option Platform

The choice of strategy for trading on the platform is also of great importance. The client must decide how much time he is willing to spend on trading per day or week, and then stick to a proven strategy or develop a new one.

To verify the effectiveness of the strategy, the user can use the perpetual training account on the platform. And after the strategic plan confirms its effectiveness, the client can switch to a real account.

When the strategy is defined, and the user has mastered all the tools he needs, he can guarantee himself reliable and profitable trading with minimal losses. But the main thing is not to succumb to excitement, since the market has the property of great volatility, so you need to take trading seriously.

The IQ Option platform is a great choice for both beginners and trade experts! If you choose a convenient and functional platform - register for IQ Option right now!

Questions and answers

How to deposit money on IQ Option?

The client can replenish the account using the most popular transaction methods, in the personal account of the platform. To do this, you must specify the deposits and confirm the transaction.

Typically, these difficulties arise due to incorrect filling of personal data, and specifically the user's country. You can also try changing your browser. If none of the methods helped to solve the problem, then you should contact technical support and follow their instructions.

The user can replenish the account in the amount of at least $10, the amount may be higher, but the client must expect that in case of unsuccessful trading, the loss of the deposit will not lead to financial problems.

Since PayPal is the most famous system for transactions, it is available in many countries, which allows the user to use it when replenishing.

At the time of this writing, this feature is not implemented on the platform.

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