Huobi Global cryptocurrency derivatives

What is Huobi Global? 

As a digital asset service provider, Huobi is far ahead of its competitors in building a global license network. Huobi has a range of trading options from beginners to more advanced traders, including spot and margin trading, derivatives and futures. In addition, they offer crypto-secured loans and ways to earn interest on your cryptocurrency, and they also have their own Huobi wallet available to manage crypto assets.

Advantages :

  • Competitive trading fees
  • Lots of features
  • Wide range of supported tokens
  • Customer support 24/7
Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

The exchange offers amazing features that attract investors such as derivatives trading. This is a feature of Huobi Global that supports both futures and swap trading markets. Indeed, this feature helps exchange users to maximize their profit potential.Best of all, Huobi Global derivatives trading platform supports major crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, and USDT, to name a few. As a result, traders and investors can easily buy, sell and liquidate their cryptocurrencies using these cryptocurrencies as trading pairs. The platform is available in various languages and this language option allows users from other countries to easily navigate Huobi Global.Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading has tens of millions of users.

What are derivatives?

Derivatives are an integral part of finance: they are very complex financial instruments that are used by advanced or technical investors, or in other words, it is a financial contract, the value of which is determined by the underlying asset. Traditionally, derivatives are used in commodity, currency, stock or bond markets. These contracts can be traded on an over-the-counter or exchange basis. The main purpose of derivatives trading is to speculate on the future price of the underlying asset, which allows traders to take profits based on price differences. Such trading is applicable to various assets, including various commodities, currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Derivatives are also interesting because they can be used both as an independent trading tool and as a hedging tool. Today, an increasing number of such transactions are opened by brokers. At the same time, private investors often cannot clearly answer what derivatives are.

Huobi trading room
Huobi trading room

Derivative financial instruments or derivatives have long been known to traders. Now there are a lot of rumors around these contracts, most of which are not true. The reality is that the daily turnover of the derivatives market is growing every year.

Derivatives are a complex type of financial security that is established between two or more parties.

Benefits include:

  • Securization.
  • Flexibility. You can come to an agreement with the counterparty and execute a deal with various options that are not traded on the stock exchange.
  • Cost reduction. The costs of financial transactions are reduced, the volume of investments is minimized, and the risk of a possible loss is reduced.
  • Small amounts of initial capital can bring both profit and loss. Investors are taking on huge probabilities of losing money.

Huobi Global derivatives in Qatar are in huge demand!

HT Token

Huobi Token (HT) is a blockchain based loyalty points system. This is the only token that Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform has officially launched.

Functional purpose:

  • Discounts from 10% to 95.15% on trading fees (depending on the number of tokens held).
  • Participation in events and activities held by Huobi.
  • Farming the HPT token.
  • Use as a guarantee asset for cross-margin.
  • VIP discount.

The development of an internal token made it possible to increase the capitalization of the exchange and strengthen user loyalty, providing them with unique conditions for working on the platform. As conceived by the leaders of Huobi Global, their own cryptocurrency was supposed to link exchange users in different countries of the world into a single community.

Today, there are HT holders in more than 180 countries around the world. Traded, in addition to Huobi, on other popular exchanges. Huobi provides a quarterly detailed report on the use of the token.

HT token is coin of the exchange Huobi Global
HT token is coin of the exchange Huobi Global

How to trade Huobi Global derivatives in Qatar?

Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives in Qatar can be purchased by any user, even without experience. Identity verification is not required to start trading, but you can go through it to expand the withdrawal limits and gain access to additional features. The derivatives market on Huobi is represented by the following instruments: futures, coin contracts and USDT contracts. You need to choose the most relevant type for yourself and proceed to trade.

To access the crypto derivatives market, the user must verify his account. There are also geographic restrictions: derivatives trading is not supported in some countries.

Huobi Global registration
Huobi Global registration

How to register ?

Register now and you can do Huobi Global derivatives trading ! To create an account, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the official website first.
  • Click "Register".

There are two types of registration - by phone and by e-mail. The second option is selected by default, so let's consider it:

  • Enter your email address, citizenship and create a password (There are mandatory requirements without which the password will not pass: 8-20 characters, at least 1 number or 1 letter).
  • Confirm the password.

The checkbox for agreeing to the User Agreement is already on, so just click the "Register" button.

  • Further, a letter with a special link will be sent to the specified mail, which was previously indicated in the requested window, which you will need to follow in order to activate your account.

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How to withdraw cryptocurrency using the Huobi app? 

Below are detailed instructions on how to drive cryptocurrency using the Huobi app.

  • Click on the Balances button.
  • Click [Withdrawal] and find the token you would like to withdraw.
  • Select chain.

Please make sure to select the same chain as the platform or wallet chain you are withdrawing from. If you choose the wrong chain, you will lose your funds.

  • Insert the address where you want to withdraw tokens and enter the withdrawal amount.
  • Pay attention to the transaction fee and the amount that the other wallet will receive.
  • Click [Withdrawal] and confirm the transaction again.
  • Confirm the transaction.
  • Click [Confirm] and wait for the transfer to be processed.
Benefits of  Huobi Global
Benefits of Huobi Global

List of derivatives of Huobi Global

Huobi Coin-margined swaps. Users can profit from rising/falling prices of digital currencies by opening long or short sales based on their own judgment. Like the margined spot market, its price is close to the price of the underlying benchmark index. The main mechanism for fixing spot prices is the cost of funds. Margin swaps do not have a delivery date. Users can always keep it. Coin margin swaps are calculated every 8 hours. After each calculation, the realized profit/loss and unrealized profit/loss are transferred to the user's account balance.

European Spread Options are European-style options that help users implement an option strategy called vertical spread with ease. The strategy involves buying a call (put) and simultaneously selling another call (put) at a different strike price but with the same expiration date. European Spread options allow users to set an exercise price range to cap potential profits in exchange for a lower premium. They are preferred by users who expect a moderate movement in the price of the underlying asset. Like American options, European spread options offer two types of products, call and put spreads, which reflect the user's view, bullish or bearish, of the underlying asset. Users who purchase options on the European spread will profit if the price of the underlying moves in their favor and the profit from the option covers the premium paid. While European Spread Options cannot be exercised before expiration, users can sell the option early to lock in profits.

Huobi Global derivatives products
Huobi Global derivatives products

Huobi Futures is a type of crypto currency derivatives. Users in this case can profit from rising or falling prices of digital currencies by going long or selling short based on their own judgment. Huobi futures accept spread delivery. When futures expire, all open positions will be closed at the arithmetic average price of the last hour based on the index, not physical delivery. digital currency.Each futures represents a certain amount of digital currency.BTC futures have a face value of $100 and the minimum order book price change is aggregated to $0.01.XRP and LINK futures have a face value of $10 and order book minimum price change is aggregated to $0 .0001.

Margin trading. Trading with leverage on the Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform allows investors and traders to operate with solid amounts of money and make impressive profits by guessing the price movement of an asset. In cryptocurrency, margin trading means borrowing funds with a set interest rate for trading. After the transaction is closed, the borrowed amount plus interest is returned to the lender, and the trader retains the remaining profit. Interest rates on margin loans fluctuate.

Huobi Global trading platform is  available in convenient mobile App
Huobi Global trading platform is available in convenient mobile App


Huobi Global always puts customers first in its work. Huobi has never experienced a security breach since its inception 8 years ago. Huobi Global is committed to providing services to both small investors and institutional traders. Professional help and a fairly simple interface make this platform easily accessible to different people.

Advantages of this exchange:

  • Good asset liquidity
  • Support for major crypto assets such as BTC, ETH and USDT
  • Decent trading and transaction fees
  • 24/hour customer support
  • Convenient interface
  • Extensive track record in security
  • Referral program

Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading is also available on the mobile app, which is very convenient!

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