How to download IQ Option X APK for Android

Instructions on how to download the IQ Option X apk app

1. Create your account

Enter your email and come up with a new password. You will need these details for entering the trading room.

2. Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

3. Enter the trading room NOW with your details to try the best trading platform for free

4. Download the IQ Option X apk application to your phone

5. Enter the trading room and find many helpful tutorials and videos there. Good luck!

What is IQ Option X apk?

IQ Option is rightfully considered one of the leaders among the CFD and binary options brokers. It was the first to use a platform with excellent technical analysis, instant execution of trades in one click and the most convenient interface. In addition, the broker is regulated practically in all European countries, it is time-proven, and many traders will confirm about the fast withdrawal of money.

It is not surprising that IQ Option is so popular. Even those who do not know what trading is hear about it. IQ Option gives opportunity to make good money right from home. All you need is to use the platform correctly. Now you can trade through a mobile app by downloading it to your smartphone. IQ Option X apk download is free!

An advanced mobile trading platform
An advanced mobile trading platform

The app will give you access to a large number of assets, that's more than 500 different types:

  • Assets of well-known companies.
  • Oil.
  • Precious metals.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Options.
  • Market indices.
  • Currency pairs.
Choose from a variety of assets
Choose from a variety of assets

Choose at your discretion, you can diversify your portfolio and thus secure it. Diversification is the allocation of capital between different groups of assets in order to minimize risks.

In 2020, the number of active traders in the company reached almost 50 million!

What are CFDs?

If you are not familiar with the concept, then we will briefly examine what it is. CFD is suitable for traders with small capital. You will have access to a variety of markets and a wide range of tools for trading, without having to buy the asset itself.

In contrast to stock trading, CFDs offer many advantages:

  • First of all, you don't need a large capital to open an account and trade. CFDs also allow you to trade with more leverage than the stock market. This means that you can control larger position sizes with a small deposit.
  • With CFDs you can open short positions on most stocks. You can hedge your positions and even profit from a market crash.

In other words, CFD allows you to profit from both rising and falling prices:

  • If you think that the price of an instrument will go up, buy a CFD contract (you have a long position). You profit when the price goes up.
  • If you think the price of the instrument will fall, sell the CFD (you are short). You make a profit when the price falls.

How to download IQ Option X apk? 

You can download the application on the broker's website or on Google Play and App Store. Make sure that you have free space on your gadget. Whether it is a professional trader or a beginner - everyone can quickly figure out the system and start earning.

Downloading IQ option for your gadget, you will always be aware of the main events in the world, foreign exchange rates. You will be able to see real time quotes, news and economic calendar.

Supported devices 

IQ Option X apk download is easy. It is available for use on all the latest models of iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.0 and higher, as well as Android version 5.1 and higher. 

How to register with IQ Option X APP?

The main thing a broker offers to its clients is to make money. To do that, it is necessary to register and open an account with the company.  The app allows you to do this rather quickly:

  • It is necessary to press the button "Registration".
  • Fill in the proposed form, and click "Open account". It is important to fill in all the fields correctly, the e-mail must be authentic!

That ends the registration and account opening procedure. After the account is created, you will be able to log into your IQ Option account. As a result, you will be able to open 2 types of accounts:

  • Demo account. On it, the sum in virtual money ($10,000) will be credited. You need this demo account for learning how to trade, so you can hone your new strategy on it.
  • Real account. So you can trade any of the assets the broker offers for real money.

You can make a deposit directly from the app by choosing your preferred currency. Go to your personal cabinet and select the menu "Deposit to account".

Demo account for beginners
Demo account for beginners

The minimum deposit in IQ Option X is only $10, while the minimum bet is $1. 

In order to work with IQ Option, it is better to be verified in your personal account. Only accounts that have been verified by the broker will be considered full-fledged. Their owners can not only trade different assets, but also withdraw funds unproblematically.


The design of the platform for mobile devices is very pleasant and easy to use. Everything is clear and the multifunctionality of the app is great. You can change the display of the chart, as well as add indicators to the chart or add auxiliary lines for technical analysis of trading. All open trades can be viewed in a separate window, and the total return is updated in real time depending on the movement of the asset.

IQ Option has managed to make an identical trading platform for mobile devices, the work on which is almost no different from the computer version. 

Various indicators are available to you
Various indicators are available to you


The application does not stand still, and it tries to improve its functionality from version to version. The most important thing is that the user-friendly terminal and the main screen remain the constant advantage of the application. In addition, you will find:

  • New and improved charts. Charts have become more convenient and faster. It is now possible to place several charts on the screen, up to six of them.
  • There are new timeframes for more detailed analysis. The new timeframes are М15, М5 and М1.
  • New types of chart display. Now you can use not only charts in the form of Japanese candlesticks, but also bars.
  • Increased speed of the platform. In comparison with previous versions.

In order to know how most of the IQ option speculators trade, there is a mood indicator for traders. To get the biggest profit, on the screen of your phone or tablet is shown the asset with the highest percentage of profit for the trader at the moment.


The advantages of the mobile version of IQ Option X:

  • Qualitative design and convenient platform.
  • Quick support service (24/7).
  • The number of charts and indicators.
  • A full-featured demo account without registration.
  • A Wide Choice of Trading Assets.
  • Transaction insurance.
  • Profitability up to 92% for binary options.
  • Historical quotes.
Study on the platform
Study on the platform

Disadvantages of the mobile version of IQ Option:

  • Rare complaints that there are problems with the stability of the app.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the IQ Option mobile application is innovative, very easy to use with a large number of additional tools and a wide selection of assets, without any delays and according to many reviews is the leader in the market of mobile applications for binary options trading.

It is also noteworthy to note that the app is translated into 16 languages and is recognized as the most popular financial app in 28 countries around the world. Join in! IQOption X apk download takes a minute! Millions of users have already chosen IQ Option X.

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