In the modern world, more and more people choose trading for themselves as a way of main or additional income. Naturally, these people are concerned about questions: is it safe to trade on the Internet, will my money be stolen? In order for your funds to be safe, you need to know and follow a few simple rules.

First of all, you need to choose the right trading platform, broker. Brokers are the main sources of trading instruments, mechanisms and various indicators such as spreads, leverage, etc.

A reliable broker can positively influence the trading process of their clients and make it easier for them to generate profits; and fraudulent brokers completely distort the perception of this industry by traders and people begin to fear that all brokers in the market are cheating for their own benefit.

The fact is that this industry is multifaceted: there are both reliable and unreliable brokers, and you need to be careful and attentive not to fall into the clutches of scammers. Let's take a look at the trading conditions, license and website of the IQ Option broker.

Discover IQ Option
Discover IQ Option

What is IQ Option? 

IQ Option is an online broker that operates on various markets. Traders can use the services of this broker in trading options, Forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities and ETFs.

IQ Option was founded in 2013 and quickly began to spread around the world, attracting more than 20 million subscribers from different countries. Thus, over its history, IQ Option has managed to accumulate a lot of experience and customer recognition in the international market.

For all the time of its existence, the IQ Option broker has been able to reach significant heights and make trading accessible to the maximum number of traders. 

At the same time, a convenient platform was created, which is distinguished by an abundance of trading instruments and their high functionality. The minimum deposit amount allows you to start trading without significant investments and risks.

Let's start our review from the broker's website. Since a lot depends on the first impression a potential client has, this broker has put a lot of effort into developing a very good and easy to use website that contains all the useful information for its visitors. The interface is not too rich in visual embellishments, and is in line with the trend towards minimalism that is very popular among many Forex brokers.

When it comes to the informative side of the website, IQ Option also manages to deliver great results. The website is as simple and straightforward as can be. The site has only three main sections: “Trade”; “For Traders”, and “About Us”. These sections contain all the information about the trading conditions, license and all kinds of offers and conditions for trading with this broker.

All the main work takes place in a perfect platform, which is the proprietary development of the IQ Option broker, which made trading a comfortable and convenient experience. Here you can change the background of the terminal, the type of charts, add indicators and graphic elements to it for advanced technical analysis, use several charts at once, quickly close several transactions with a single button, use the multiplier to increase your earnings, study the history of quotes , set up stop losses and take profits.

Can IQ Option Be Trusted? 

IQ Option Broker Awards 

Over the years of working with traders, IQ Option has collected a number of awards, including the Global Brands Magazine award for the speed of development. IQ Option was named Best Trading App in the Finance category. IQ Option has been nominated for some of the most prestigious financial awards such as: “2017 Excellence Award”, “Best Binary Options Broker” and “Best Binary Options Broker/Trading App”, among many others.

In the world of forex brokerage, receiving awards from reputable organizations or publications goes a long way to a company's reputation.

24/7 customer support 

Another important aspect of any website - be it a broker or an online store - is customer support. Having a well-functioning support team can turn an otherwise good website into a great one.

IQ Option has a highly professional customer support department that is available 24/7. 

Use technical support
Use technical support


As noted earlier, a license can be the deciding factor in determining whether a broker is a scammer or not.

There are a huge number of brokers that do not have any license at all, or the license that they have does not carry any real value and guarantees for traders.

The fact is that some licenses are issued by a rather weak regulatory body that does not have the ability to control its brokers around the world. Fortunately, in the case of IQ Option, things are completely different. As mentioned earlier, this broker was officially registered in 2013 in Cyprus.The broker is regulated by the authorized body in each country. That is why the talk that IQ Option may be a scam has no basis.

IQ Option is a versatile and reliable broker.

Educational materials and market news 

Now let's talk about educational tools and materials, as well as the news feed on the brokerage platform. One of the ways to distinguish a real broker from a scammer is to study the information section and analyze the quality of the materials provided there. Licensed brokers are required to offer this section to their clients, so scammers do the same to create a false sense of trust.

But scammers can still be distinguished from reliable brokers. The appearance of the educational content of the scammers may look a little like the platforms of honest brokers, but when you check the actual content of these materials, you will notice that the educational materials of licensed brokers are much more comprehensive. Scammers usually don't care what these articles say, and if you're careful enough, you're bound to see the difference.

IQ Option broker's educational materials are distinguished by their professionalism and deep understanding of the trading markets. The information in the articles is comprehensive and easy to understand as it is written in simple, accessible language. Simply put, the educational content on the basic trading conditions and features of Forex trading, as well as CFD trading, technical analysis, margin trading and more, is very informative and quite helpful.

There are over 40 educational videos on the platform for free! You can find answers to various questions by watching them.

Get access to educational materials
Get access to educational materials

There is another section where traders can keep track of all the news and important events that take place in the Forex market. In the "News Feed" segment, IQ Option offers regularly updated news about the main events in the Forex market, as well as the stock market, commodities and other financial markets.

In this way, analysis becomes much easier, as traders can analyze previous price movements, observe current events, and make predictions about future prices.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

Demo account 

To save your money, a novice trader is not only desirable, but also necessary to practice on a demo account.

Each registered client of the company has the opportunity to open a demo account, where he can improve his trading skills.

A demo account is opened automatically, upon registration on the platform and the balance is credited with the amount of $10,000.

Register right now and train on a demo account for free!

Here you can explore the platform options, test the operation of indicators, strategies, and try to place bets. Of course, one of the important advantages of a demo account is that it is a factor of trader's confidence in relation to the broker. In addition, such an introductory account helps the trader feel more confident, overcome the fears of losing a deposit, etc. This is a powerful tool that allows, with a competent approach to it, to work more efficiently on a real account.

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

Real account 

However, the above demo account is only suitable for those who want to practice their trading skills. Most traders are focused on trading with real profits. And for such traders, IQ Option offers a Standard trading account and a VIP account. Standard trading account holders can deposit as little as $10 into the platform and start trading Forex, commodities and other assets. That is, you can start trading with a small amount and increase the deposit when you are completely confident in the reliability of the platform and in your abilities.

With VIP accounts, more experienced traders will be able to take their trading to the next level, for this they will need to fulfill certain conditions (they are different in each country). With this type of account, you will have the opportunity to work with a personal assistant who will be able to advise you at any time of the day and on any issue.

Replenish your real account from only 10 $
Replenish your real account from only 10 $

Broker quotes 

IQ Option offers the trader only high-quality service, and cooperates for this with reliable organizations that have proven themselves in the market. This also applies to liquidity providers who provide the broker with accurate asset value data.

In addition, IQ Option is a DD broker (Dealing Desk), that is, an organization that provides the client with its own data on the value of trading assets. Having received quotes from liquidity providers, the broker, using a certain formula, sets the final price for the assets of the Forex and CFD markets, adding its coefficients to these data.


IQ Option provides real value, transparency and functionality to users, in line with the latest financial regulations.

The platform is easy to navigate for professional traders and new members, and caters to stock, currency and cryptocurrency traders.

So, is IQ Option safe? Definitely, yes, IQ Option is safe. Register on the platform and check it out. Start trading with IQ Option and you will succeed!

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