Internet technology has entered the life of modern man, significantly changing his approach to many things and procedures. We buy things online, search for all sorts of information, work online, book hotels, study and so on. The list is, in fact, very long.

The new opportunities that mobile connectivity has given us have also influenced the development of a new trend in investing - online trading through online trading platforms. Online trading in the stock market differs significantly from its classic model. All transactions can be done remotely, without visiting a bank branch for a deposit or a stock exchange for advice or information requests. You will be able to do all these operations online, from wherever you are and whenever you want. You will always have access to the most up-to-date information, with just a few clicks to find out the current price of any asset, trading schedule or news about the company you are interested in.

Plus, it's now possible to start with a very small amount. In many online platforms, the amount of investment starts with one dollar!  Because now there is no obstacle to start trading in the investment sites to anyone who has a desire to try to earn money in this direction.

In addition to the many new financial instruments now popular such as cryptocurrencies or binary options, the share market is still very popular among traders. And the opportunity to trade stocks of real market giants like Microsoft or Netflix, Paypal or Alcoa makes this market even more attractive.

Today we will look at investment options in shares of the tech giant, the world-renowned Nvidia Corporation in Qatar.

Nvidia official website
Nvidia official website

NVIDIA Corporation

NVIDIA Corporation is one of the world's largest developers of graphics accelerators, processors, and system logic kits.

Its products are known under such brand names as GeForce, nForce, Quadro, Tesla, ION, and Tegra.

NVIDIA Corporation was founded in 1993. Its founders were Jensen Huang, Chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem.

By the end of 2020, the corporation had more than 13,000 employees working in more than 50 offices around the world.

NVIDIA is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA.

The Company's main business is the design and manufacture of graphics processing units (GPUs). NVIDIA Corporation also develops media processors and chipsets. Solutions manufactured by the Company are used in mobile devices, game consoles, desktops, as well as supercomputers.

Given its strong market reputation, excellent financial performance and future direction, investors are interested in investing in NVIDIA Corporation.

The Company's IPO was completed in early 1999 on the NASDAQ. The company was listed under the ticker NVDA.

As of the date of this writing, Nvidia stock stands at $802.01 (+88.64% for the year).

Current information on Nvidia shares
Current information on Nvidia shares

What methods of investing in shares does the modern investment market offer?

In order to determine how to invest in Nvidia shares in Qatar, we need to choose an investment objective. When we talk about investing, we mean making a profit. Although all investors share the same goal of making money, everyone's approach is different.

Some people plan to invest their money in a company's securities in order to receive dividend income in the future. This investment option is considered classic and can be referred to as a passive income option, as this method does not involve your active participation in the investment process. Of course, investors who buy shares with a long-term perspective do not act blindly and study the stock market using fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis is the study of a company's development history, financial statements, economic performance, and news about development plans or winding down. Based on this data, the investor makes a decision about the possible purchase of a company's securities.

This method usually requires a lot of upfront capital. 

The method described above is called the dividend method of investing. That is quite simple: by purchasing a portion of the shares of the company, you invest your funds in it (in fact, you give them for use), your funds work and earn profit for the company, after some time the company thanks you for your investment with a share of the profit received - you receive dividends. At the same time, if you don't sell your shares, but continue to hold them, i.e. you don't withdraw your money from the company's turnover, you get dividends again and again.

The frequency and amount of dividend payments will be determined by each company according to the company's internal policy, at an internal shareholders' meeting.

Despite all the advantages of this investment method, you should be aware that in rare cases the company may decide to suspend or even cancel the payment of dividends. The founders may direct all of the profit to the development of the company, or to pay off debts in the case of a company that is declared bankrupt.

The dividend method of investing is not suitable for everyone. Many investors expect immediate reward or profit within a very short period of time. In this case, the trader is ready to actively participate in the trading process, risk money, study the investment market non-stop, follow quotes charts, keeping his hand on the pulse of events. Such very active "live trading" can bring you quick profits, but requires you to be proactive all the time.

How to invest in Nvidia shares in Qatar?
How to invest in Nvidia shares in Qatar?

Mid or short term trading online involves the trading of derivative instruments such as CFDs. CFDs allow you to trade not the asset itself but only the price of the asset. 

A CFD allows speculating on the price movement (up or down) and the investor receives all the advantages that are associated with trading in stocks without actually owning the stock.

In other words, it is a contract between the client and the broker, which allows the exchange of the difference between the value of a security at the moment and its value at the end of the contract.

Before the advent of contracts like this, only big players could trade this instrument, because the opening price of a deal was in the tens or even hundreds of thousands. CFDs widened the range of market participants by offering access to traders with different capital levels.

In fact, trading CFDs is no more difficult than in stocks. The only difference is that the contract is concluded relative to the price, and the trader doesn't get the security itself. That is, when buying a contract for the difference, you won't get dividends. In addition, transactions are only between the broker and the trader.

Buy Nvidia shares
Buy Nvidia shares

How to buy Nvidia shares in Qatar?

You can invest in Nvidia shares in Qatar through a licensed intermediary, i.e. a broker. If you invest online, the role of the broker is actually performed by an online trading platform. The online trading platform gives you full access to all your investment transactions and also provides complete and comprehensive information on the stock market, current asset prices, trading charts and quotation charts and so on.

To choose a reliable brokerage company that gives you access to an online platform, research its business reputation, experience and real feedback from experienced traders. Inquire about the availability of a brokerage license and the amount of commission charged for the services.

After carefully studying the brokerage market in Qatar and choosing a reliable broker, go through a simple registration on the online trading platform. Then get familiar with the platform by using a demo account. After you have funded your real account, you will be able to invest in Nvidia shares.

Read more about registration, using the demo account, making deposits and withdrawals below.

How to register on the online platform?

The registration process on the online investment platform is not complicated and takes a few minutes. In the registration form, which you will see on the broker's official website in the "registration" section, type in your first and last name and email address. Click the "register" button. After that, all you need to do is confirm your email address with the standard link that will be sent to you in the email. This is a standard registration.

Later on, when you need to withdraw money from the platform, you will need to provide additional information. In this case the system will ask you to upload scanned copies of some identification documents.

Simple registration process on the online platform
Simple registration process on the online platform

The purpose and use of a demo account

After registering you will get access to a demo account, which you can use to test the performance of the system. You will see some money in the demo account - this is fictitious money, which is intended for test operations on the platform. This is not real money and you will not be able to withdraw it, but you will not have to worry about negative test results. Use the demo account for training purposes.

Just as with the real version, you can use the demo account to make any transactions on the platform. All the quotes and data on the platform are real, and the trades you make on your demo account are identical to the ones you actually make. This way you will have the opportunity to test how to buy a stock, how to sell it later, how to activate the stop-loss or multiplier function and so on.

Take the opportunity to learn on a demo account
Take the opportunity to learn on a demo account

Easy deposit and withdrawal options

To start real trading on the platform, deposit an amount into your account. This can be done using a bank card or one of the payment systems specified on the platform. As a rule, funds are credited automatically. The minimum amount to deposit into a live account is usually a few dollars. This allows you to start trading even without much capital.

You should always remember that trading is risky business, so if you do not have enough experience, start with small amounts, so you will not lose much money if the deal is unsuccessful.

As a rule, withdrawals can be made in exactly the same way as deposits, using the same payment approaches or a bank card.

You can fund your live account directly on the platform
You can fund your live account directly on the platform

Rules for safe trading

Online trading, just like the classic investment option, is a risky activity. Unfortunately, no one will ever be able to guarantee you a 100% successful transaction. Even experienced traders and market experts cannot make firm predictions based on serious calculations with complicated technical indicators or in-depth fundamental analysis, when forecasting price behaviour for a certain period of time.

Therefore, knowing how to study the market and analyse it, making accurate forecasts, should be your main goal on the stage of entering the investment activity. Never act at random, and always remember that online trading is not a casino or a game of chance. There are strict laws of the market.

If you do not want to give up on investing after your first unsuccessful attempt, you should remember to proceed slowly and cautiously. Become familiar with theoretical material, which is freely available on the Internet and on the platform. Carefully watch all of the training videos. Be sure to practice investing on a demo account.

News feeds are a great aid to fundamental analysis
News feeds are a great aid to fundamental analysis

When funding a real account and starting a real investment, you should invest the amount of money that you would not be sorry to lose, and the loss of which will not lead to financial ruin. You should always start with insignificant amounts and only increase the amount you invest in parallel with your own experience and knowledge. It is also not recommended for beginners to use leverage unless they have had sufficient trading experience.

Your results will depend on your cautious, attentive and yet persistent study and willingness to learn all the secrets of online investing.

Open a demo account today and start learning an exciting and profitable business without delay!

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