Pocket Option APK download for Android

Mobile applications have won the love of users around the world due to their practicality and ease of use. Therefore, almost all modern companies that provide completely different services (or produce goods) have taken care not only to create a site, but also to develop a mobile version of this site.

Mobility, accessibility and functionality of mobile applications explain their popularity.

Brokerage company Pocket Option caught the general trend and, like most other advanced brokerage companies, offered its users a convenient option for trading through a mobile application.

Today, the Pocket Option online trading platform is available in a mobile version as a convenient, colorful and multifunctional application that allows a trader to do all the necessary operations directly from a mobile phone.

How to download the mobile application for trading Pocket Option in Qatar, what is the Pocket Option apk for android installation file, which devices support the application, as well as how to register on the platform, how to deposit or withdraw money - read on.

Pocket Option APP
Pocket Option APP

What is Pocket Option APP APK? 

If you have an Android phone, then you simply must know what APK files are. All applications for this OS have the .apk extension. But when downloading programs from the official Google Play Market, they are immediately installed on the device, without any additional settings and actions on the part of the user.

If it is impossible to install the application through the official market, you can install the application by downloading the apk file.

APK file (Android Package Kit) is a file format used to install software on Android and includes its archived components. One such file is enough to install a working application. APK is not only supported by Android platform. Using special utilities, you can open them on Windows, Linux or Mac.

APK files are saved in ZIP format and are usually downloaded directly to Android devices, usually through the Google Play store, but they can also be found on other websites. To open an APK file on your Android device, you just need to download it. like any other file and then open. However, APK files downloaded from outside the Google Play Store may not be installed immediately due to security restrictions. Therefore, to install an APK file from a third-party source (not the play store), go to "Settings" → "Security" (or use the settings search) and check the "Install from unknown sources" box. You may need to confirm this action.

If the APK file won't open on your Android, try searching for it using the file manager.

By giving permission to install an application from an unknown source, you take personal responsibility for the security of the file. Therefore, you should only download APK files from reliable sites to avoid installing malware on your device.

To download the Pocket Option application for Android, use the official play market on your device, or install the program by downloading the Pocket Option apk for android from the official website of the Pocket Option broker.

Pocket Option official website
Pocket Option official website

Supported Android devices 

For quick download of the application and its further correct operation, the device on which you download the application must meet certain technical parameters. For Pocket Option for Android to work correctly, your device must support Android 4.4 and above. Application size 4.9 MB.

Interface. Functions and Features 

The mobile version of the Pocket Option online trading platform is a great solution for broker fans. You will get all the features of a full-fledged, desktop version of the site in a convenient mobile format! Access to all assets that the broker works with (currency, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies), quote charts, tools for a full market analysis (indicators, signals), access to a demo account, the ability to replenish an account or withdraw funds - all this is now available through mobile application Pocket Option.

The program interface is clear and concise, the user menu is convenient. You can easily find the asset you need, replenish your account or select the type of chart. Even a beginner will understand the simple navigation of the platform's mobile application.

In addition to the main, trading version of the application, Pocket Option has also developed additional applications for traders: “Analytics”, “Signals” and “Strategies”. The app names speak for themselves. For better market research, take the opportunity to download additional Pocket apps. They can be found by going to the “Our Applications” menu section.

Pocket Option Application Interface
Pocket Option Application Interface

How to download the Pocket Option mobile version for Android? 

To download the Pocket Option application to a mobile device running on the Android operating system, you just need to go to the play store, then enter the name of the application “Pocket Option'' in the search bar and, after the application is found, click the “Download” button. After that, the automatic download of the application to your device will begin - just wait until the application is completely downloaded, after which a branded label will appear on the screen of your device. By activating it, you will open the homepage of the site for registration or login - depending on whether you already have an account on the platform or not, register or log in to the system and start working.

Google Play Market is the most favorite place for Android users, because it is there that we most often find interesting games and useful applications. 

Downloading applications through the Google Play Market is convenient, easy and fast, since you do not need to perform any additional settings or actions. 

However, there are many reasons why you might want to download the Android APK (Android Package Kit) file without using Google Play.

If you are unable to download the Pocket Option Android app through the play store, please use the Pocket Option apk for android to download the app.

What is the fastest and most secure way of Pocket Option apk download? Go to the official website of the broker, use a regular browser on your smartphone. Then visit the "Help" menu section, then go to the "Applications" tab. Select the desired application depending on the operating system, and click the "Download" button. The automatic download of Pocket Option apk for android will start immediately - you will see a notification on the top panel of the device about the start of downloading the file. After the download is complete, open the “Downloads” section on your device, find the downloaded apk file, focusing on the end of the file name (.apk extension) and click on it. At the time of launching the file, the system will ask for permission to install the program, in which you need to click on the "Yes" button.

Further installation of the application occurs automatically. Wait for the program to load, after which you will see the application shortcut on the screen of your device. The app is ready to go!

Supported Android devices
Supported Android devices

Where to download Pocket Option Mobile Application for Android? 

You can download the mobile version of the Pocket Option platform through the official play store on your device (Google Play Market), or from the official website of the broker.

Use only official sources to download apps!

How to install Pocket Option APP on Android devices? 

The installation of the Pocket Option application on devices running on the Android OS occurs automatically if the application is downloaded from the Google Play Market. That is, after clicking on the “download” button, the installation is immediately performed, so the user does not have to think about how and with what to open the APK on Android.

If an application is installed from any source other than the Google Play Market, Android considers this as an installation from unknown sources, which is contrary to the system's security policy. In order to install such a file, you will need to first go to the phone settings, the “Security” section and check the box “Allow downloading from unknown sources”.

Be prudent! In order not to download malware and damage your equipment with viruses, download the application only through the official website of the broker.

How to download the Pocket Option app?
How to download the Pocket Option app?

How to update Pocket Option Android APP? 

Despite all the functionality of the application, all new features and functions of the program are added periodically. The application is updated automatically, unless it conflicts with the personal settings on your device.

How to register with Pocket Option APP for Android in Qatar?  

Signing up with the Pocket Option app is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes. After downloading the application, click on the application icon on the screen of your device. You will see the initial welcome page of the application, on which you should select the option “Registration” or “Authorization”.

Since the mobile application almost completely copies the desktop version of the program, there is no difference in which version to register an account. To register, select the “Create an account” option, in the registration form that opens, enter your email address and twice your password. Check the box “I agree with the terms of the public offer” (you can read the offer by clicking on the active link below). Click the "Register" button. Confirm registration by the standard method using e-mail.

Pocket Option registration
Pocket Option registration

Pros and Cons Pocket Option APK 

Installing applications through apk files has both pros and cons. The advantages of using manual installation include: 

  • Early access to apps and updates. Almost always, new Android builds hit the network much earlier than the official release on the Play Market. They are distributed in APK format. Some functions will not be available to the user at all if he waits for automatic installation or auto-update.
  • The app you want to use is not available for download in the specific region or outside of the specific location.
  • The update is taking too long. The service puts all users in a queue, which is often quite long. The choice becomes - to wait a long time or download the full APK file several times faster and install the current version of the application immediately.
  • After the update, the application deteriorated or lost some of its useful functions. Download and install the old version really only through the apk file.

However, you need to be careful when using APKs. You can download the application only from official sources (in our case, from the official website of the broker) so as not to download malicious files to your gadget and not to encounter virus services distributed by pirated programs.

The Pocket Option app is the ability to trade anytime, anywhere, your online platform at your fingertips.

Install the apps following the recommendations and tips above and trade with Pocket Option!

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