There is a common misconception that successful options trading does not require extensive training. Some unscrupulous brokers claim that anyone can learn everything a novice trader might need to trade in a couple of hours. This is not entirely true, in a couple of hours you can only learn the purely technical side of things, namely how to work with the trading platform. A trader can learn how to choose an asset in the trading interface, set the amount of a deal and understand what happens after you press "Call" or "Put" button. 

However, mere knowledge of binary options trading technology is not enough for trading to be profitable. 

It is important to accurately predict where the price will go, as well as to create a strategy to make sure there are less losing trades during the trading session than profitable ones. To do this you need to understand why price is moving in one direction now and why it can change direction at any time, that is what you need to study. 

Real options history  

Real options, unlike financial options, are not traded as securities and do not involve decisions on the underlying asset. They do not qualify as derivatives. It is the right to make or refuse any choice available to a company's managers in respect of business projects or investment opportunities. It is called "real" because it usually refers to projects involving tangible assets (buildings, land, machinery and inventory) rather than financial instruments. Real options differ from online option contracts because they are not exchangeable as securities. Accounting for real options affects the valuation of potential investments, although the valuations typically used do not take into account the potential benefits provided by real options. 

Real binary options
Real binary options

Real binary options in Qatar  

You hear about binary options in many sources as one of the interesting ways to make money.  

Indeed, binary options trading can be used to make quick and substantial profits. It sounds quite tempting, but it is not that simple. 

To succeed in such an activity, one has to put much effort and acquire not only special knowledge, but also develop a certain kind of mentality.  

For a beginner, this is a difficult and time-consuming process. But that does not mean that it is impossible to master this type of activity. A person can do absolutely anything, as long as he or she has the desire and time.  

Let's look into the details of what exactly a beginner needs to go through to get to the bottom of binary options trading.  

First, study theoretical information and read books about investing. Do not trust the legends about the fabulous earnings of traders, it will not help a beginner in options trading.  

Modern trading platforms are equipped with a training section
Modern trading platforms are equipped with a training section

Second, in practice one learns to identify situations, in which transactions could bring profit with high probability, as well as recognise the totality of circumstances, in which the outcome of the transaction is extremely difficult to predict.   

After a beginner has learned how to determine the most appropriate moments to enter the market, studied types of contracts, selected the market assets within which he or she feels most comfortable working, it is time to start planning work. Because even perfected skill applied to every trade will not allow you to insure against inevitable losses that will occur from time to time (regardless of the level of the trader).  

Planning implies creation and development of long-term strategies, and trading strategies are usually supplemented with money management strategies. 

Strategies can be divided into three groups:  

  • Trading tactics;  
  • Mathematical strategies;  
  • Money management strategies.  

Webinars and other methods of additional education can significantly broaden trader's horizons and help to learn methods of work and forecasting that were unknown before. In addition, additional training often exposes errors in the work of the trader, and correction of these errors often leads to higher profitability.  

Besides, a great number of financial instruments that serve as assets in option contracts require in-depth study that is rather problematic to be performed with the help of instructions and books for beginners. The main reason that drives traders to upgrade their skills is the tangible time savings, because ready-made recommendations allow replacing a rather long series of trial and error. 

Use indicators to analyse the market and develop your trading strategy
Use indicators to analyse the market and develop your trading strategy

The basic functionality of the binary options trading platform

One of the main components of successful trading on an exchange is trading platforms. They are needed to connect the trader to the online exchanges. Before one starts trading in Qatar, one should study the nature of how the country's financial markets work, understand the dependence of market asset prices on various factors, become familiar with the types of contracts and understand the market assets that are offered by brokers for option contracts. 

Knowledge of potential risks can help trader to reduce the level of uncertainty in trading operations to an acceptable level. 

The business of binary options involves great responsibility, and this responsibility has a monetary equivalent, in other words the trader risks his own money, the investment involves the possibility of losing money. All the multifaceted situations, which can be observed on the chart during the trading session, cannot be described in textbooks, therefore, the best solution for a beginner is to turn to practice immediately after learning the theoretical basics. However, this statement is not tantamount to an appeal to rush into battle and invest live money in trades. 

Binary options trading room
Binary options trading room

How do I register on a trading platform?  

Registration on most trading platforms is standard and very simple. All you have to do is give your name, surname, email address, choose your country of residence and create a password. Please note that registration is only available for those over 18. The account is free of charge.  

Registration page
Registration page

Demo account details  

A demo account is an area for practicing trading without any real funds. The account consists of virtual funds that are generously provided by the broker immediately after registration.  

Thus, you will not have to worry about losing trades - it will not affect your money.  

The demo site is fully identical to a real deposit: from the list of trading instruments to the variety of additional features. These include access to market data, analysis tools/indicators and even access to customer support.

Open free binary options trading practice account
Open free binary options trading practice account

Switching from a demo account to a real one  

As soon as the trader feels comfortable enough to enter the real market, he or she can proceed to work on a real account. To do so, you do not need to register again or perform any additional manipulations with the account.   

To go to the "real" account, just select the appropriate account type - Real - in the upper right corner of the trading platform. Click on the button "Deposit" and you will be shown several options for depositing funds to your trading account - bank cards or electronic payment systems.  

As soon as the account is credited, a trader can plunge into real trading and start earning.

The most important thing is that there is nothing to stop the trader from going back to the demo account and learning on his own, this is not prevented by the e-platform. 

The main thing is to feel the strength for serious work, test the strategies and choose the best trading system. In this case the trader will go from demo to real account and be ready for trading. 

Account replenishment
Account replenishment

Stock Market Binary Options: how to control risk  

There are many ways to reduce risks and most financial market traders try to keep them to a minimum. Obviously, there is no methodology that is guaranteed to rid a trader of all investment risks. Knowledge of potential risks may help trader to decrease the level of uncertainty in trading operations to an acceptable level. While the main focus will be on the investment process, but still the trader must be aware of possible "traps" and how to avoid falling into them. Some of the potential risks a binary options trader may encounter are.

  • Market risk;  
  • Limited profit margins;  
  • Unliquidity;
  • Lack of ownership of the asset underlying the option.

The key element of risk management in binary options trading is to start with a level of trading vulnerability - only use money that you can afford to lose. Many professional traders use a tactic called the "2% Rule", whereby in one trade you may risk a maximum of 2% of the trading capital that is deposited to your account. 

To summarise, binary options activities are very promising. Yes, there are some disadvantages, which are that if you can't get a grip and you give in to the excitement, you could lose everything. But if you approach binary options trading wisely, you will completely eliminate such risks.  

Apart from that, there are only pluses to be seen. You're engaged in exciting work and you're constantly developing and improving your skills. And your work will always be highly rewarding, you can get almost instant profits in large amounts.  

So start, learn, train. Success comes only to those who have the desire and drive to win. Good luck!

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