Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin have been on the radar of people who follow investment news for years. Digital assets have created a tangible furore among investors, so many want to know how withdraw Bitcoin to bank account. This article will go into detail about 

  • What digital assets are
  • What is Bitcoin
  • How to transfer BTC to bank account in Qatar. 
  • Different ways to transfer Bitcoin to bank account
How to convert Bitcoin to cash?
How to convert Bitcoin to cash?

What is cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in particular? 

Cryptocurrency is a type of electronic money. However, it is not the same as fiat money in a traditional financial system. While cryptocurrencies are considered an acceptable payment option in retail outlets and online shops, it is crucial to understand that these currencies do not have a physical form.

Most crypto assets are based on blockchain technology. What is it? Blockchain is a decentralised network distributed across a wide range of computers and servers. The blockchain serves as a sort of record keeper. It has a complete transaction log that cannot be changed; all records are stored in a separate digital ledger.

The blockchain stores all data about transactions in the system. These records include information relating to contracts, certificates and transactions. The information that is stored in the blocks cannot be changed or deleted. 

Only new records can be added to the blockchain. Moreover, many cryptocurrencies have limited issuance, which prevents them from depreciating in the long term. That is why many people consider cryptocurrency a safer system than traditional currencies.

Bitcoin is a type of decentralised digital currency. It was created as a revolutionary payment method that is secure. 

Bitcoin is often referred to as 'digital gold'. Like gold, it has several characteristics that make it a valuable asset. For example, gold and bitcoin are deflationary assets (cannot be printed), are decentralised and offer protection against inflation.

Why exchange cryptocurrencies? 

First, it's good to understand why you transfer BTC to bank account. Do you want to rearrangement (i.e. move the fiat money supply from one country or city - to another), or do you want to invest? The word investment refers to preserving the money supply in a form other than fiat money.

Fiat is ordinary money issued by central banks or other financial institutions. 

Why should one sell Bitcoin?

1. To lock in profits.

Cryptocurrencies are often seen as an excellent investment - and no wonder. After all, their value is constantly changing, and over long stretches, they have appreciated at an incredible rate. But just like with traditional stock-type investments, at some point, you'll want to lock in your profits, so you'll want to transfer crypto to fiat.

2. Unpleasant prediction.

Do you think cryptocurrency rates are ready to collapse? If so, selling digital assets for fiat can help save resources.

3. Usage.

Cryptocurrency as a payment method is, of course, common around the world, but there is still the need to exchange cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, payment is accepted everywhere using a debit card or credit card. 

Selling can be due to the desire to make a profit or simply because there is a need for cash. These are the main reasons you need to know how withdraw BTC to bank account. 

Sell Bitcoin by different methods
Sell Bitcoin by different methods

How can I transfer BTC to my bank account?

Based on the material in the article, it is clear why you need to sell cryptocurrencies. It's time to move on to the more important part: how withdraw Bitcoin to bank account in Qatar?

There are actually a lot of options. Some options are more popular than others. However, the most common methods to convert Bitcoin to cash are listed below:

  1. Crypto exchanges
  2. Third-Party Broker Exchanges
  3. Peer to peer platforms
  4. Bitcoin ATMs
  5. Online wallet

This article will detail how to transfer BTC to bank account. Everyone can find the most convenient way for themselves. 

How to transfer Bitcoin from Crypto exchanges?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the most common method of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. In addition, they are generally quite easy to use. 

What do I usually need in order to work with crypto-assets through an exchange?

To work with cryptocurrency exchanges, you need to disclose personal details like name and residence address, and even provide a passport photo. You will then be able to send the coins you want to the trading platform for sale. Exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase or CEX.IO can serve as such a platform. So now you can sell coins for fiat currencies, such as dollars or euros.

So, how transfer Bitcoin to bank account? 

First, you need to understand that crypto can not be withdrawn into a bank account directly. So first, you need to sell the currency? How to find buyers? 

You need to choose a crypto exchange and register, which means you need to create an account on the selected platform. 

You can sell either an entire Bitcoin or a portion of it on a cryptocurrency exchange. The proceeds from the sale of the digital currency come into the wallet of the exchange but are already in fiat currency. You can then make a withdrawal, either to a card (debit/credit) or a linked bank account.

Exchanges offer higher liquidity than other platforms so that you can sell bitcoin at a better market price.

Which platform to choose?

With a cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin can be sold at the best price, with the lowest fees and as safe as possible, so experts recommend this method. Users now have a vast choice. Here are the most common and comfortable ones: 

1. Coinbase.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase first listed its shares on the US exchange Nasdaq. The listing proved to be highly successful: during trading, the company's price almost reached the $100 billion mark, and it is now worth more than many well-known companies, such as oil giant BP.

Coinbase allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency and store it in digital wallets. It earns money from the commission it charges on transactions. The exchange, founded in 2012, is used by over 56 million individuals from 100 countries.

Try Сoinbase exchange
Try Сoinbase exchange

2. Binance.

Binance was founded in 2017 and is registered in the Cayman Islands. As early as January 2018, its market capitalisation exceeded $1.3 billion and it has become one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Binance customers can trade many cryptocurrencies, including the popular Bitcoin. The exchange is exceptionally user-friendly, with a user-friendly interface and low transaction fees. 

Sign up for Binance
Sign up for Binance


CEX.IO - the popular platform for buying and selling Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin and many other crypto-assets. It's the easiest and most convenient way to purchase cryptocurrencies with your credit card.

The site works without any interruptions almost all the time. So you always have access to your account. You can also be sure to get the help you need, as support is available 24/7.

CEX.IO - your secure Bitcoin transactions
CEX.IO - your secure Bitcoin transactions

That is one of the best ways how transfer Bitcoin to bank account in Qatar. All three exchanges described above offer favourable trading conditions and a wide range of assets.

Peer-to-Peer transfer method

Peer-to-peer markets are called peer-to-peer because the buyer and seller of the asset are equal in terms of terms, no one has priority, and there is no third party who controls the transaction.

That is the conceptual difference between P2P as a trading method because, in the case of an exchange, you do not control the transaction. You do not know who you are selling the asset to or buying it from. In a peer-to-peer service, transactions are between specific individuals, which provides unprecedented transparency.

Instruments like P2P Binance are sometimes referred to as exchange services. That is partly true because you are exchanging one cryptocurrency for another, and fiat currencies may also be involved in the transaction. 

The liquidity is lower than on an exchange, and so is the trading speed. But for new traders, this is a plus. In addition, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and P2P services can buy them and then sell them at a better price, just like an exchange.

So, users worldwide register on this marketplace and get to create ads to buy or sell cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies or fiat. You can browse the list of ads, find a suitable one and accept it by making a transaction. Or you can create an ad yourself and wait for someone else to be interested in it.

In terms of low liquidity, selling and buying cryptocurrencies through a peer-to-peer service is more effortless. The system is expanding, new users are joining, and liquidity is growing. Of course, P2P will never match exchange liquidity, but in that aspect, trading is getting more comfortable every day.

Learn how to exchange Bitcoin profitably
Learn how to exchange Bitcoin profitably

How to transfer Bitcoin through Bitcoin ATMs to bank account 

How withdraw BTC to bank account in Qatar? You can also use Bitcoin ATMs to withdraw cash directly. These are devices that resemble good old-fashioned ATMs but are more modern. The difference here is that you receive fiat currencies in exchange for cryptocurrencies - they are not deducted from your bank account.

Undoubtedly this method of withdrawing crypto into fiat seems convenient, easy and fast. But in reality, there aren't that many ATMs - they're pretty rare. So, most cryptocurrency lovers will have to go a long way to interact with such a device. In addition, ATMs support a small number of coins for sale and limit withdrawals.

Other methods of transferring crypto

1. What are Third-Party Broker Exchanges?

These are notable exchanges that act as intermediaries for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Unlike an exchange, you will receive your money immediately after completing the transaction.

Traditional exchangers operate under this scheme:

Thanks to the exchanger's website, the seller and the buyer find each other.

  • Each party transfers funds (cryptocurrency and money) to the so-called escrow accounts of the exchanger.
  • Employees of the exchanger wait for both parties to fulfil their obligations.
  • If the seller and the buyer have transferred the necessary amounts, the exchanger sends the money to the seller and the cryptocurrency to the buyer from the escrow accounts. Otherwise, the exchanger returns the funds to its owners.

2. How to sell cryptocurrency via online wallets?

Before selling cryptocurrency using an online wallet, make sure that the sender's transaction will not be blocked due to restrictions on the amount or country of the transfer.

To sell cryptocurrency using an online wallet, you first need to find an offer with payment through the selected online wallet. You must also specify the amount to be sold and the preferred currency.

When you find a suitable offer, read the terms and conditions carefully. The terms briefly state precisely how the payment should be made.  

You will see more detailed instructions in the deal chat when you open a deal. These are called transaction instructions. You must provide the buyer with your wallet details. The buyer's requirements may vary depending on the payment method you choose. 

What you can buy with Bitcoin

Bitcoins can be used to pay for food, appliances and mobile gadgets, software, to pay a restaurant bill or to buy a car. 

The virtual currency can also be used to buy real estate. For example, a real estate agency in London offers its clients to pay for a house or flat with Bitcoin.

What else you can buy with Bitcoin:

  • Victoria's Secret brand lingerie. This popular brand has been working with virtual currency since 2013;
  • book a hotel room (Expedia service) or book a flight (CheepAir service);
  • pay for education. The first university to accept virtual currency was the University of Nicosia (Cyprus) in 2014. Cryptocurrency can now be used to pay tuition fees in America, Mexico and Britain;
  • donate to Wikipedia etc.

You can try it now, sign up for the exchange using the links in the article and use safe transfers.

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