The popularity of electronic money in 2020 and 2021 is experiencing its historical maximum. Probably, the price of digital currencies will rise and fall more than once. Despite the fact that humanity has been using digital gold for more than a decade, the standard for where to store digital assets has not yet been established. For new users, the most popular question is where and how to store digital assets.

In order for the storage to be refused as safe as possible, new users need to study the information about all the options, but the best of them will be only one that has been proving its safety for a long time.

Cold storage of digital currency is so named because, in contrast to the "hot" one, such a wallet does not have a permanent connection to the Internet and therefore is invulnerable to attacks from the network. This is truly one of the safest ways to store digital assets that mankind has invented.

Trezor Wallet review
Trezor Wallet review

What is a Trezor Wallet?

Working with electronic money begins with creating a wallet for it. Offline wallets became very popular after the Trezor wallet review was released. It is the most famous of all cold wallets. Trezor Wallet, developed by Czech startups - SatoshiLabs.

SatoshiLabs is one of the leading manufacturers of digital hardware wallets, founded in 2014, when the cryptocurrency industry was still in its infancy. The Trezor Wallet was the first Bitcoin hardware wallet ever created.

Trezor is the flagship project of the blockchain software and security organization SatoshiLabs, which is also the creator of CoinMap. Pavol Rusnak and Marek Palatinus, founders of SatoshiLabs and Trezor, took all security measures and open source into account when developing the Trezor wallet, and amendments are still being developed to improve the device.

How does Trezor wallet work?

The instructions included with this hardware wallet are as clear as possible, and the use of the device is intuitive. It can also be used with all computers such as MAC OS X, Linux and Windows.

The wallet works by connecting to a work computer via a USB cable. What is also considered the most secure for the owner's funds, which are stored using the device. Interaction is carried out using a small display (to protect against spoofing of transactions) and, depending on the device model, there may be two physical buttons on it or the display itself will be touch-sensitive.

You can view the history of transactions, receive and send tokens, and also send or verify a signed message. In addition to using Trezor Wallet through the web browser interface, you can use it with a variety of third-party applications.

Trezor wallet is a hardware with built in exchange
Trezor wallet is a hardware with built in exchange


For each transaction, Trezor Wallet can generate new addresses. Thus, the wallet helps users to become more anonymous and avoid identification when trying to track their payments.

Every time the wallet owner confirms the transaction in his personal account, the address is duplicated on the device screen, which guarantees security. The user can always confirm any action and be completely sure that the address has not been tampered with, since the use of the device completely prevents any hacker attacks.

Supported digital currencies

The Trezor wallet maintains a huge list of e-money, which developers are increasing with almost every device update.

This also attracts more new users, because it is convenient to store all your tokens in one place, and not on different wallets.

Supported countries

You can now start using Trezor Wallet in Qatar and over 150 countries. This means that a user can order a wallet from almost anywhere in the world.

Trezor Wallet  offers fast and safe tranzactions
Trezor Wallet offers fast and safe tranzactions


To begin with, it is worth noting that by connecting the Trezor Wallet device to the user's computer using a USB cable, we can already say that this is the first level of security. So the device can even be connected to a computer infected with viruses, and not worry about their impact on the wallet. It just isn't possible.

In addition to securely connecting to a computer, you need to remember about the password that the owner enters the first time when activating the device, and then every time he logs into the wallet. The peculiarity lies not only in the fact that the password can contain up to 9 characters, but also in the fact that the password itself is entered using the Trezor Wallet device and each time the location of the characters changes.

Also, when registering a wallet, for even greater security, the user enters a randomly generated SEED phrase. Such phrases consist of 12-24 random words, thanks to which the owner of Trezor Wallet can restore the wallet in case of a device loss.

Even the delivery method to the user, the developers try to make it as safe as possible. During unpacking, it is worth paying attention to the holographic stickers with the Trezor logo so that they do not have any damage. The packaging itself will have to be literally ripped apart in order to get the device. This ensures that the user is the first to hold the device in their hands.

Trezor Wallet has unique feachers
Trezor Wallet has unique feachers

Trezor Wallet Features

Trezor Wallet has the functions of a "hot" wallet and is capable of performing some functions of an exchange, which also simplifies the user's work with their digital assets.

Customer support

Both on the official Trezor website and in the wallet itself, there are customer support services that not only help users with problems that have arisen, but also contribute to the collection of information to prevent errors and eliminate them.

How to start using Trezor wallet in Qatar?

The user needs to go to the official Trezor Wallet website and order the device. After the device is in the hands of the owner, he needs to connect it to the computer and follow the instructions of the system.

How to use Trezor Wallet?
How to use Trezor Wallet?

How do I recover my Trezor Wallet account?

To restore an account, the user only needs a SEED phrase. In order not to lose it, special notepads are included with the device, but the developers advise you to have several more copies of this record, since recovery is impossible without it.

Trezor wallet alternatives

The only decent alternative is the Ledger wallet. The security and convenience of their wallets is about the same as Trezor Wallet devices.

Pros of Trezor Wallet
Pros of Trezor Wallet

Frequently asked questions about the Trezor wallet:

Why do you need a Trezor wallet?

Hardware wallet Trezor Wallet provides the ability to safely and conveniently store a huge number of different digital currencies.

Historically, Trezor Wallet is one of the favorite gadgets of digital currency owners. The company that manufactures these devices has been on the market long enough and does its best to satisfy the needs of customers by optimizing the product and making it the safest.

For 2021, there were no reported cases of Trezor Wallet hacking. This is the level of protection that all hardware wallet developers should strive for.

During unpacking, you can make sure that other than the owner, no one touched the device. If the packaging is damaged of any nature, you need to contact the support service on the official Trezor Wallet website.

Trezor Wallet ranks among the best crypto wallets and is the predecessor to all hardware wallets.

The answer is unequivocal: yes. The device has recommendations from a huge number of users, and even though the developers have released a more updated version of the device with a touch screen, the first model is still in demand among users. At the height of its popularity, the first model was in huge shortage in the market.

The wallet has 2 main security systems. This is the SEED phrase and password to log into the wallet.

How to use Trezor Wallet? The user can use the wallet for "active" and "passive" storage of their digital currency.

For this action, you need to go to transactions and select the send function. After that, select the type of electronic money, indicate the amount and address of the buyers' wallet.

The wallet supports over 1000 types of digital money, ranging from the most popular to little-known altcoins.

Yes, that's exactly what the randomly generated SEED phrase is for.

Undoubtedly worth it and the user will not regret the decision. Trezor Wallet developers try to make the wallet as safe as possible and eliminate all possible errors. All this is done not for the great demand in the market, but for the safety of funds and personal information of the owners of digital assets who use this wallet.

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